It’s Sure Looking Like Demolition at Wilshire Village Now

The West University Examiner‘s Mike Reed reports that portions of the brick walls of at least two buildings on the 8-acre site of the Wilshire Village Apartments at Dunlavy and West Alabama have been hauled away. (Yes, Swamplot commenter OkieEric made similar observations earlier this week.)

And then there’s that sign that’s gone up on Dunlavy, which kinda takes all the guesswork out of it.

Photo of Wilshire Village Apartments: Mike Reed, West University Examiner

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  • Whatever he builds he will never see a dime of my money. And the politicians who sat by and allowed it will never see my vote either.

    We have so few jewels in our city left and this was one of them. And I don’t care what anyone says it would have been profitable once it had been renovated.

    Nothing but simple greed. And I don’t support greed. Hope others won’t as well.

    And I bet there will be few if any trees left.

  • ATTENTION 13-20 YEAR OLD VANDALS AND OTHER PETTY CRIMINALS. The gates of Wilshire Village have been left WIDE OPEN EVERY NIGHT !! Next to a giant sign that says KEEP OUT: DEMOLITION!!! Only adults will pay attention to this sign. Only annoying barking dogs will be heard and will only serve to cover up the smashing and crashing noises you will doubtless make. Enjoy. (I live in the hood and I hope these jackass demo guys lock the gate tonight, but I doubt it.)

  • It will definitely be an eyesore now.

    No doubt the demolition will be every bit as half-assed as everything else the Cohen maggot is involved in.

  • @markd: Don’t forget about the Dillick maggot, since it now really belongs to him. And that’s Matthew Dillick, if you weren’t aware of his full name, the mastermind behind swiping this Havisham property from under Cohen’s maggoty nose.

  • Property rights. I’m so glad we have them here in Houston. The owners are free to do as they wish, as it should be. Out with the old. In with the new. That’s the Houston way.

    This place has been an eyesore for at least two decades. Good riddance. If only someone would tear down the retail center across the street, we’d really be making some progress.

  • This place has been an eyesore for at least two decades. Good riddance.

    You know the grass was always cut, sometimes the gardenias and magnolias were in bloom and despite it all Wilshire Village had a certain charm. Something you will never be accused of having.

    If you want “perfection” why don’t you move to Southampton or Boulevard Oaks and leave the rest of us to our charming dumps scattered about here and there?

  • Yes, we do have property rights in Houston. However the Wilshire Village controversy is more about something we don’t have in Houston: appreciation for well-designed and well-constructed buildings.

  • Hmmmm….I can’t seem to find Bernard’s post praising the owners of the older home on Yupon for exercising their property rights and not tearing it down.

  • Dillick. Yea, that’s the guy I couldn’t remember. Probably the real maggot behind the scenes.

    Bernard, I guess you’re a fan of the unkempt vacant lots all around the neighborhood – like where Martha Turner’s office once stood.

  • Anyone that complained about Wilshire Village being an eyesore is just going to be pleased as punch when some huge condominium monster takes over that lot, and dumps 3000 commuters several times a day onto 2 lanes of Alabama and Dunlavy. You’ll have plenty of time to look at those beautiful condos as you wait in traffic.

  • Good thing no one dresses up to go to the Ice House. We enjoyed a nice little dust storm a couple of weekends ago on the Kelvin Arms deck courtesy of the Sonoma Dirtbowl. Wonder how long it will be the Wilshire Prairie? And packed-down dirt doesn’t absorb rainwater very well….that flood-prone area is going to be in for a real treat if we get one of our traditional October monsoons.