Jack Has Left the Box on N. Shepherd and 20th St.

In the span of just 3 days, the Heights Jack in the Box has closed down and abandoned both its sky- and street-level boxes. The photo above shows the empty store and its parking lot off Shepherd, where a green cherry-picker‘s now the only vehicle present.

The property’s longtime owner — a national real estate firm that owns the land beneath lots of fast food joints — sold it in 2016, which was a transformational year for the rest of the intersection as well. A few months later, Abel Motors left its spot across Shepherd, making way for the Burger Joint that’s now moving in. And on the south side of 20th St., pizza joint Mellow Mushroom and adjacent desert shop Moody Ice opened up — in what used to be Dealer Sales‘ garage and office building.


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The Leftovers

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  • Wow, that Jack in the Box had been there a long time. The Heights Candyman serial killer of the 1960’s used to pick up some of his victems there, according to an article I read in Texas Monthly. So, it’s been there at least 45+ years.

  • Shadyheightster-another victim was picked up at the recently demolished Church’s near Yale and the North Loop. The Chinese restaurant near 22nd and Yale used to be a Long John Silvers. A victim was picked up there.

  • Someone should turn that lot into a beer garden / brewery, with a pleasant outdoor area covered in gravel, a jenga board, bean bag toss games, sliders and pork belly “street” tacos on the menu. They will have no competition for a whole block.

  • glad it’s gone if it’s that jitb with overpriced food.

  • Any idea on who owns the land and what they plan on doing with it?

  • According to the Harris County appraisal district and clerk, in the late 1980s the property was owned by FRANCHISE FINANCE COR OF AMERICA out of Scottsdale, Arizona, and the JITB franchise was licensed by Gala Enterprises with an address in Cypress. In 2016, the property changed hands to CENTRAL HOUSTON HOLDINGS LTD at an address in Sugar Land that comes back to a Vincent C Phan. There is an orthopedic surgeon by that name in Sugar Land.

  • They sucked, I once had them turn me away at around 9:30pm because they had already “shut down the grill for the night” and wouldn’t make a hamburger. Justice has been served, I say…but I would have rather had a hamburger been served.

  • I remember when that jack n box was Drive thru only!
    Grew up on 22nd Street