Juan Mon’s International Sandwiches Peacefully Cedes Fourth Ward Territory to Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys & Indians, 1901 Taft St., Fourth Ward, Houston, 77006

The palm-tree-garnished signage for Juan Mon’s International Sandwiches is now down at 1901 Taft St., shown above near the tail end of the space’s conversion into Cowboys & Indians Indo-Tex Kitchen. The 1920s building hit LoopNet in the spring after about 7 years of serving globally-themed lunch options, and the Juan Mon’s folks appear to be helping to ease neighborhood diplomatic relations for the space’s new Texan-South-Asian-fusion operators. The space has been remodeled during the transfer of power: those covered drivethru lanes out front at the corner with W. Webster St. are now serving as a covered patio, and the building’s coat of flag-worthy primary colors have been replaced with a more neutral suite of grey-browns. Here’s the old look, for comparison:


Juan Mon's International Sandwiches, 1901 Taft St., Fourth Ward, Houston, 77006

Photos: SFAlumberjack (top), LoopNet (bottom)

Culinary Alliances

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  • Lived across the street from Juan Mon’s back in 2008 to 2010. Surprisingly good sandwiches, though the place was always a touch dirty. Place was the owner’s spot to hold court and drink ’til the late hours of the night. I worked until 10pm or so every night and would enjoy a beer or two with the crowd before bed. I remember when he had a hot tub installed, but that last only a few months. After I moved away, I would make it a point to grab a sandwich at least once a quarter.

  • Went only once during the time he was there. My first experience ever eating a Mexican torta was in Acapulco at a place called “La Tortuga”, they were delicious and used hard shelled french baguette style bolillo. All the places here in Houston including Juan Mon’s use soft hamburger style buns and I just don’t like them. Never went back.

  • if hisd had their way it would be rebranded….

  • I find the name is hurtful. It scares me. The name makes me feel unsafe, I need a safe space. I feel ashamed. It is insulting to native Americans. It is an embarrassment. It represents oppression. It will give my kids nightmares because it is so negative. It represents a violent past cast upon the native Americans by whitey. Oops! I meant the white man. The Man. We must unite as a community and fight to the end to get the name changed. We need to call Quannell X, or however you spell his name. Let’s just say Mr X.

    I wonder if they will have good Happy Hours?! :)

  • Juan Mon’s was ghastly. This sounds worse.