Judge Orders City To Go Ahead with Pay Parity; Rise in Houston Homicides; Katy Boardwalk District Announces Plans for Hotel and More

Photo of new construction on Downtown Block 58: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “The judge acknowledged pay parity may cost the city more than $100 million a year and require layoffs of police.” ….. no, we need the police more than fire fighters so lay off fire fighters to fit the budget. You reap what you sow.

  • Re: Homicides
    But guns is our American right! Guns are toys that are healthy for the community. Firearms and deaths are NOT linked together..

  • RE: Metro Considering Lines to Hobby et al
    A transit agency doesn’t really have a lot of pizzazz around it: dependable, fast, and frequent service are all the goals it really needs. These constant “reimaginations” are just ways to spend money on fancy posters and press conferences when Metro just needs to put more buses on the streets. If they still have money to burn, make the buses fancier with better shock absorbers and throw the city some money for street repair.
    As for the line expansion to Hobby: let’s go. Stop navel-gazing and just do it.

  • Kinder Institute Study Shows Houston’s East Side and Inner-Loop Susceptible to Gentrification.

    Next in the news, water is wet.

  • “two Metro lines to Hobby Airport and create a dedicated bus line from downtown to Bush Intercontinental Airport.”
    ??? Didn’t we close down the downtown to Bush bus just a few years ago after consistent $MM dollar losses?

  • Hi Metro, the coast is clear, corrupt anti-rail John Culberson is history…f*ck the dependency on so many buses, you’re clear to proceed with massive rail expansion throughout the city (especially to the airports).

  • “We need more transit!”
    “Will you actually use it?”
    “Heck no! But with all those OTHER morons off the road, MY drive to work will be a breeze!” – Every Houstonian ever

  • If homicides go any higher here I’ll be forced to move somewhere with better gun laws like Chicago.
    Buying a new .375 in honor of HIBTK.