Judge’s Order Keeps Zelko Bistro Alive, Requires Mediation of Dispute with Landlord

Zelko Bistro, 705 E. 11th St., Houston Heights

Zelko Bistro, 705 E. 11th St., Houston HeightsLast week Judge Randy Wilson (yes, the same judge who ruled earlier this year in the Ashby Highrise case) granted a temporary injunction preventing the owner of the converted bungalow at 705 E. 11th St. from locking out or evicting Zelko Bistro — or putting a for lease sign in front of the Heights restaurant (as caught in the photo at right from last month). Zelko was required to post a bond equal to a single month’s rent under the previous lease; the ruling requires the restaurant’s owners to comply with the terms of that lease as well.


Zelko had filed suit at the end of last month, claiming its landlord, Pappa K LLC, had maneuvered the restaurant out of a 5-year extension promised in the original lease. Answering Zelko’s claims in the lawsuit, Pappa K blamed delays in renewing the lease — which expired at the end of June — on the restaurant. The judge’s ruling on August 20th gave Zelko the protection it asked for, but ordered both sides to mediate the dispute within 30 days.

Photos: H-Town Chow Down; The Heights Life

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  • Good. Hopefully the landlord gets his head on straight.

  • Given that it got this far and the tenant was ordered to pay a bond, then there MUST be a valid argument on the landlord’s side.

  • To Mr. CommonSense: Everyone knows Zelko had First Option to buy! After paying 7 years of ‘ON TIME’ Triple Net Lease, they are certainly entitled to the 5 year auto renewal….however landlords delayed providing docs to resign & then with less terms. Zelko has been screwed this entire term, however has kept public (social media) out of the business part. It’s a success. The chef & owners are successful. Everyone wants the business, the space….even the greedy landlords. That makes sense….other ‘true’ business owners get it. There is your proof of knowing nothing.