Just Listed: A Well-Guarded Builder Estate in Tomball

This expansive custom home creation resides on just under 3 1/2 acres in the Tomball subdivision of Haven, right near Oklahoma (the one in Texas). There are 5 bedrooms and 5 baths in the main building’s 5,700 sq. ft. But if that doesn’t give you enough space to to maintain your sense of privacy, there’s always the 1,300 sq.-ft. 2-bedroom guesthouse out back. Garage space is ample enough for a 7-car motorcade, with entry protected by an automatic gate. Interior moods at the main house range from masculine to woodsy to golden to pink; additional perks include a private cinema chamber, exercise room, plus that multi-tiered entrance fountain. More views:


The quaint little guest house:

All entirely energy efficient, too. Asking price: $1,138,000.

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  • Yuck. Tack-o-rama.

  • What’s up with the third picture of a “sunroom”, and the picture of the gym?

  • Haha, nice catch, RCH.

  • Look outside the windows. Although the interior design of the rooms is essentially identical, they are in different areas of the house.

  • I can only imagine that the wife has really, really, really, BIG hair.

  • …and drives a Hummer.

  • I personally love the house. I love the privacy and the land that surrounds it. I recently sold a home like this to a Entertainer that I cannot say, but it was a little more elaborate. But it did not have the land or guest house. It was 9500 square feet with a pool and lake for a little under $2,000,000. What is crazy is they don’t even live there, I have to go by and pick up there mail once a month.

  • I’m not completely sold, Heights Guy. I think the different camera angles may make the exterior “appear” different. The pool is in the left in both pictures.

  • I think the room is the same. No reason for mirrored walls in two identical rooms.

    Not really feeling the hate, though. It looks very comfortable and livable for such a big house, though pretty darn far away if it’s in Tomball.

  • I am now nauseated from looking at such an AWFUL looking house. It is VERY CLEAR that it was done by at best an no-talent interior decorator and architect.

  • Whats weird is that the pic with the furniture isn’t in the HAR listing.

  • Looks like there may be water damage on the Kitchen ceiling, or else it may just be a bad paint job.

  • The entrance gate sort of lets you know what lies beyond. River Oaks it ain’t.

    So much wrong with this house starting with the truly tacky tablecloth on the dining room table. Tablecloths are for dinner. Not display. No one knows the rules anymore.

    The house screams “more money than taste” and includes the requisite home theatre and gym. As for the latter, thems that have them usually look like they never use them.

    With an interior decorator and a landscaper who knew what they were doing, this could be quite a house although honestly people who move to Tomball are not usually real interested in interior decorators or landscapers to begin with which is probably the case here. They decided to do it themselves. And it shows.

    Personally for what this cost, I would have at least attempted a grand entry hall.

    Like the entrance gate, the entry hall sort of lets you know what lies beyond.

  • The wimpy fountain says it all.

  • I am willing to bet that most of you with the cruel comments live in a barely furnished crap apartment just to say you are “inside the loop”. I hope you got your kicks making fun of some people who did nothing to you. Yeah, I might not have chosen some of the things these people did on this house… but you know what? Its not my house. Some of you are douche bags. Post your place… let’s get some comments on here for them.

  • From Andrea:

    I am willing to bet that most of you with the cruel comments live in a barely furnished crap apartment just to say you are “inside the loop”.


    Not me. My apartment is wall-to-wall crap.