Are Diamonds a Timbergrove Ranch’s Best Friend?

So many cute little diamond shapes on display at the front of this redone 1963 Ranch on the western bank of White Oak Bayou in Timbergrove Manor! And a few more show up elsewhere: In the tile floor of the breakfast room and den, and on the lily pond backstop wall. But still, so many other places a new owner could add them:


Like that oh-so-plain-looking kitchen backsplash, maybe?

Or in the Master Bath?

The 1,905-sq.-ft. home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a saltwater pool out back. A 10,630-sq.-ft. lot. The sure-it’s-nice-but-right-by-the-bayou asking price: $399,500.

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  • One of the most painfully uncomfortable houses I’ve seen. But at least one’s posture would improve.

  • This is why I’d rather see a house completely empty instead of staged. I guess staging has it’s place but honestly, don’t most folks have imaginations??

  • That house did not go on the market yesterday. I toured it a couple of months ago. And it is not staging—the folks that live there just have very unique decorating taste.

  • Yea PYEWACKET2 that house has been on the market for a longggggg while (to say the least)… It started out at 445k in 07/2010 (mls #64786246)… As a real estate broker we can see the archive history of a home. What is interesting the home was sold for $255k (MLS# 1311112) 09/2004 … and now the owner wants 144k for his upgrades… I just looked at the house in 2004 in our system and it doesn’t show much difference. All I see is some pool/great landscaping/decorating/staging/better lighting and a wall in front. I would estimate about $35,000-45,000 in upgrades. This would bring the house to $300k + appreciation of the area. That I will have to do some further research. I honestly think the property would sell for $345k-$365k. But thats just my opinion… Well God Bless. If anyone needs anything to do with real estate or a free Home Value Report… Feel free to let me know. Forgive the grammer.. :)

  • Pegging this as a new listing was our error, now corrected. Thanks for the catch!

  • Interesting linear alignment of the exterior with the original windows. The windows work well on the exterior. Not so well in the interior. Dated. And, well, sort of, well, cheap looking. Maybe some sort of sheer shades on the windows might help. To let the light in. Allow a little bit of a view. And hide the windows themselves.

    Maybe all the diamonds are a zen or feng shui thing?

  • Those long narrow rooms, like living in a shipping container.

    Or maybe that’s the camera lens, trying to make it look grand?

  • @TRP: Stop using Swamplot to promote your business for free in the guise of Christianity. I’m wondering if Jesus told you that obnoxiously pushing your business without buying an ad was a ‘Christian’ thing to do? I let it pass in another post but it seems you’ve got a deeply flawed agenda to mask your true intentions by including that reassuring “God Bless” at the end of your posts. Yeah, nobody will see through that. That ‘God Bless’ is a real game-changer. What a concept! Oh, and GRAMMAR isn’t the problem, spelling is. One of my closest friends is a real estate broker and most of the information you so helpfully regurgitate is available to anyone on HCAD or HAR. So here’s some friendly advice: STFU or buy an ad.
    Amen, God Bless and pass the biscuits.


  • Am I the only other one getting seriously annoyed at TRP’s immature, selfish plug-for- himself comments?

    It’s folks that this that give Realtors a bad name.

  • I agree. Posting is one thing but self promoting is another. It is getting tiresome.

  • I say let this Texas Realty “Pro” keep making himself look like a fool on here. It’s amusing watching him crash and burn repeatedly. Childish comments on a real estate blog are such a charming marketing tactic.

  • Your so funny you must be the home owner… sorry your home is not worth what you thought it was…

  • Out of all the interesting houses on the market, swamplot choses to write about this painfully staged, overdone, overpriced piece of crap. Not to mention this house sits on a corner lot right next to 4 lanes of tc jester. Hope tranquil this would be sitting outside by the pool. Oh lordy that kitchen..yuck.