Katy Bar the Garage Door: A Lakes of Bridgewater Home That Might Be Ready for Rehab

Nope, no idea why this 2-story house for sale at 3834 Brook Garden Ln. in Katy won’t be shown until “furthur notice,” but given that cute little literary reference in the listing and the main photo included (above), it sure is tempting to guess. Yes, this is a 3-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath home built 6 years ago in the Lakes of Bridgewater subdivision that features a well-stocked bar and . . . well, after that it gets kinda hazy. Won’t you stumble along with us for a quick tour?


All photos as shown in the listing (after the one above), in order, unaltered (okay, we did brighten them up a little):

Yeah, but . . . wait. So — cool! Lemme hit this one again:

The 2,200-sq.-ft. home’s been on the market for almost a month. The price was cut $20K after 10 days: Now listed at $92,500.

But shucks, no photo captions. Readers?

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  • Aside from the house itself could there be a subdivision that more typifies the random street name generator approach. From the following list of words pick any random two and append either Lane or Court depending on whether the street is a cul-de-sac. Continue ad infinitum:


  • Is that a DOUBLE RAINBOW that I see in the tub picture? What does it mean?

  • “Perfect for those suffering from dementia.”

  • Wall-mounted toilets!

  • The guitar stand in the Native American Mediation Room caught my eye, (musicians!) as did the toilet bowl brushes on either side of the Indian Princess picture. If it wasn’t for the first photo, I would have guessed peyote.

  • Even the cologne – Polo – matches with the rest of the 1985 decor.

  • Huh. So that’s what those houses on Baltic Ave. look like on the inside.

  • Curtis does not want to be constrained by the “conventional wisdom” of how photos should be taken to show a home. He is an artistic free spirit trapped in the hard, cold world of residential real estate sales.

  • These are the kind of photos I saw a million times over while I was looking for a new apartment. I expect it from apartment people but not someone trying to sell a house.

  • Do you think it’s a frat house?

  • Is that a used kleenex next to the sink? Please tell me it’s not. Eew!

  • HAHAHA HW…seashell

  • Ok, I do need glasses.

    The sea shell just doesn’t fit the rest of the decor though…

  • And I’m still looking for the Bud Man beer stein and the ceramic frogs that you pick up to see what sex they are somewhere on the bar.

  • Those bathroom shots will close the deal. SO unique!

  • Yeah, I’m not convinced that’s a shell either but until someone has a better idea, OK.

    Hopefully there will be additional photos at some point. Maybe when that ‘furthur notice’ gets here.

  • ^finness, I also noticed the guitar stand! and imagined that the owner was following along as the RE agent took the 7 photos:

    1) Welcome home and have a drink!
    2) before a visit to your crapper.
    3) Here’s the tub, scrubbed for your bath;
    4) the vanity, where you stay dapper.
    5) O yeah right – you need a shave
    6) before you smoke in your favorite seat –
    7) causing the methane-quake in the garage
    – making your residence obsolete.

  • I mean he was Singing, rather Serenading…

  • Does Bing have any aerials more recent than 2001? The Bing aerial shows empty land. Google Maps has buildings. Bing is not a positive addition to the HAR site.

  • I’m thinking it’s not a frat house; the owner has a 65+ homestead exemption. Poor guy, HCAD has the value going steadily down from $138K five years ago, and that was in the “boom” times that Katy obviously never participated in.

  • movocelot, you funny cat, you crack me up!

  • Coming a little late to the party here — you guys have got it covered. I look at hundreds of listings every week, and this is one of the funniest (and lamest) ones I’ve ever seen. Someone just came into my office to see why I was laughing so loud.

  • I can’t believe someone’s HCAD value has actually gone down in the past five years.

    Maybe it would help if I gave them the crochet toilet paper roll cover shaped like a sun hat that my ex mother-in-law made me.