Katy Does Contemporary Country: More Pix of that House on Woods Lane

Readers obsessed with the Katy house designed by Wylie W. Vale that was featured in last week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game will be interested to see these additional views of the 1952 home — in all its original “little bit country, little bit Mod” glory. They were taken by architectural photographer (and yes, game winner) Ben Hill on a quick visit early last year.


Photos: Ben Hill

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  • Classic David Bowie comes to mind:

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    Come get up my baby
    Run for the shadows, run for the shadows
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  • Wow, that wraparound-ish picture window is a knockout! And is that a console radio with two satellite speakers, or is it two smaller console radios? (No one needs just one!)

  • No, those are two console radios. One for each deer.