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KATY FREEWAY REPORT “Has anyone else noticed that traffic on I-10 is still not great? I have a ‘reverse’ commute on I-10 every day. Before the expansion traffic was fine inside the loop outbound in the morning, slow outside the loop. Inbound in the evening it was slow outside the loop, fine inside, except near the 10-45 interchange. Now things are much smoother outbound, no delay at all. Inbound, however, is a nightmare. Traffic comes to nearly a complete stop approaching the 10-45 interchange, and is usually very slow all the way back to Shepherd / Durham. Observing the ‘regular’ commuters across the median, things are of course worse. In the mornings the backup to get onto the loop or through the 10-45 interchange is insane, it’s bad in the evenings as well.” [NeoHouston]

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  • I’ve noticed and concur with the observation. I’ve also noticed the west loop is as congested as it was before its expansion.

  • That’s what happens when you have 16 high traffic lanes feeding into 8 higher traffic lanes.

  • Yep. Simple fluid dynamics. The congestion moved to the next constriction.

  • I’m shocked to find that a giant road expansion has not solved traffic problems. It has worked so well everywhere else!

  • The I-45 Coalition is meeting Monday 2/9 7pm at the Lindale Park clubhouse at 208 Joyce to discuss TxDOT’s renewed attempts to widen I-45 between the North Loop and downtown. Not only do none of the neighborhoods either side of the freeway want a 14-lane monstrosity put through, but…TxDOT hasn’t been able to answer our question of where all that southbound traffic will go once it hits the 3-lane Pierce Elevated. Yep.

  • I have one word…RAIL!

    Should have put in rail to Katy, but no.

    I am railing about RAIL. RAIL RAIL RAIL!!!

    The two weeks that I lived in Connecticut (long story, no time) taking the train to NYC and from all over the state, was a wonderful wonderful way to commute. You can nap and text.

  • EMME, many people on my commute nap and text in their cars.

  • I have the same reverse commute. Traffic is now far heavier on the inbound I10 inside the loop as well as all the round the Northbound I610 back to 59. There’s clearly no alternative. They’ll have to widen I10 inside the loop by another half dozen or so lanes either side which will mean they can get shot of that faux loft building at Sawyer.

  • Some time ago I suggested to a senior engineer with a local consulting firm that the existing IH-10 high-rise HOV would make an ideal route for the Memorial/Katy LRT that’s been shown on the prelims for Metro Solutions Phase II.

    I was told that the the long-term plans of all relevant agencies are to convert that ramp to a HOT lane, and that cannibalizing it for LRT would be impossible politically.

    So there you have it! When the highway’s all done outside 610 and the Katy people are clogging Ellifrit’s original 10/45 spaghetti, we’ll just allow SOVs in the bus bypass – for a fee, of course.

    Then again, perhaps this will finally provide the impetus for Hines’ grand scheme to put the whole mess under Houston Avenue and open up the White Oak bayoufront for a brand-new urban district of luxury condos and upscale eateries. Could it be done without destroying the entire First Ward in the process? Who knows! Maybe I’ll open up ACAD and have a looksee.

  • I have the same commute on I-10 and have noticed the recent backup due to the I-45 interchange. Wait until the 290\610 interchange is improved which will increase the flow of cars onto I-10 inbound.

    Regarding rail. First, rail lines remove space to add vehicle lanes. Rail cars will be empty except during rush hour. Better to use buses that utilize existing vehicle lanes and can be shifted to meet demand. (i.e. the rodeo)

    Another thing, I have noticed this about the supporters of rail. Most never use the existing Metro buses and do not plan to use rail because it is not “convenient” for them. Yet they expect others to use rail so it is easier for them to travel in their private vehicles.

  • Norhilljoe hits the nail on the head. In a far spread out community like Houston, buses by far make more sense than rail. Of course the left has determined that rail is sexy and cool and that’s all we need to know. Fiscal sense never needs to come into the equation because it won’t be understood by the left anyway.

  • How, exactly, did “the left” enter into this conversation about public transportation preferences? CK if you’d like to make an argument about the financial viability of rail options in Houston, go for it. But I for one enjoy this blog because it is generally free of ignorant talk radio style name calling.

  • Thank you Jessica. I would use the rail if I had chosen to live out of the city, but since I live within five miles of downtown, I will be riding my bicycle to work. However, if the rail were an option, I would use it.

    There is a huge difference between buses and rail as a rider. I have a tendency towards motion sickness which I do not experience on the rail, but do on a bus. Buses have to deal with traffic just like cars, whereas the rail has it’s own path and therefore is not as prone to being late. Buses put out a whole lot more air pollution where the trains do not.

    And lastly, you would not have to put those of us who choose to live close to town out of our homes so that those of you who to choose to live in the suburbs can have a traffic free private car commute. If you were to enlarge I-45 to accommodate the traffic coming into the city in private cars, you would take out huge chunks of some old historic neighborhoods such as the Heights, Brookesmith and Lindale Park to name but some of the many.

  • I-45 Coalition

    4800 W. 34th Suite B-1 w Houston, TX 77092 w 713.816.0444 http://www.I-45 Coalition.org

    February 9, 2009

    Meeting tonight at 7:00 PM

    Lindale Park Clubhouse, 218 Joyce, (off of Fulton in Lindale Park)

    Here is a map-link:(copy & paste) http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=218+Joyce+St,+Houston,+Harris,+Texas+77009,+United+States&sll=30.298296,-94.811862&sspn=0.007763,0.014462&ie=UTF8&cd=2&geocode=0,29.806295,-95.368842&ll=29.807843,-95.368838&spn=0.007801,0.014462&z=16&om=0

    Just a quick reminder that the I-45 Coalition is having their meeting tonight with Mr. Ruben Landa, Legislative Assistant / District Liaison for Senator Mario Gallegos, Jr., District 6. He wants to determine what our thoughts and concerns are as a neighborhood, regarding I-45.

    In addition to having folks from the neighborhood (you!), we are also planning to have representatives in the audience from:

    · State Representative Jessica Farrar

    · Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garcia

    · City Council District H office (previously Adrian Garcia’s position)

    · Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

    This is a great opportunity to voice your concerns, get some questions answered and in general, get updated on what, if anything, is on the calendar.

    Some questions I have already heard:

    · How can I-45 be considered an evacuation route when it floods as frequently as it does?

    · What happens if we get a Category 4 or 5 hurricane?

    · If I-45 gets rebuilt, will there be additional lanes added? Additional right-of-way needed?

    · Are there alternatives to rebuilding I-45?

    · What is the criteria by which an alternative would be chosen?

    · Who, specifically, will be making the decisions at each step in the process?

    · Didn’t we go through several of these steps a few years ago? Why are we starting over again?

    This is a great opportunity to be a little more involved in what will be happening to your neighborhood & your city. Please plan on attending Monday, February 9, 2009 if you can. (Please send me a quick e-mail if you are planning to attend (if you haven’t already), so that we can have enough seats set up for everyone.) Contact me with any questions. Thanks!

    Jim Weston

    I-45 Coalition


  • I really don’t know what the problem is. Traffic has not gotten worse at the I10/45 interchange. Its was terrible before. Its terrible now.

    If you really can’t take the traffic, try google map’s public transit option to find a bus route that works.

  • It might not be worse at the interchange but it’s far worse further West. Still I’m not complaining too loud, my 1/2 hour commute is still better than the minimum 2 1/2 hour bus trip that would be necessary to cover the same distance.

  • The traffic between 610 N. Loop and I45 has gotten really bad. My commute has gone from 8 minutes to 12 minutes. That’s a 50% increase!