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  • Quite a clever one today!

  • The caption is even more ridiculous:
    “Oh Honey, Stop the car! Here’s the answer to our Prayers! Beautiful RED BRICK 2-sty Gorgian w/ pretty landscaped front yard. I LOVE the dramatic 2-story entry w/ gleaming hardwood & curved staircase + Study-Liv room, and Formal dining. Arched entryways & Lofted study nook upstairs! You’ll LOVE the detached garage! Open & spacious Kitchen-breaksast-den overlooking backyard. We’ll both enjoy that big Executive mstr bath w/ double sinks, whirlpool tub & separate shower. Better bring your checkbook!”

    You read that right, breaksast.

    Clearly this Realtor does not live in the real world. Otherwise he would have asked his daughter (at least, I assume that’s who is in his listing picture) to check his spelling and take some decent pictures, as these simple tasks are beyond his grasp.

  • I’m just so insulted by the change in voice on the description for that photo. And “2-story Gorgian” sounds more at home when describing HR Geiger, not some house. Total WTF on this superb bit of failure.

  • Looks like the neigbhorhood homeboys’ view right before they’re about to do a drive-by.

  • If the seller pays this agent the full commission, I have some tropical beachfront property on Alaska’s North Slope I’d like to sell them.
    On a serious note, I would have to question whether or not this agent could draw up contracts and offers correctly if they take this little time to prepare a listing for HAR.

  • Is it just me or does a couple of the second floor windows look like they have busted out? Seriously, someone is paying this guy to sell their house?

  • Seriously, if I was paying a realtor .03 * $210k to sell my house, and this is the listing they came up with, I would be pissed.

  • If you use a realtor whose official portrait includes both a dog and a kid (in a brown oval like some 70’s country album cover), you deserve what you get. HAR listings make for some entertaining reading sometimes, but this one takes the cake.

  • Having recently purchased a house in this area, i can tell you that this level of “professionalism” was fairly common throughout our search. Having used the GK agency to sell our house in town and then help find our new house, let’s just say that the service we had with them was like going to Tony’s and dealing with some of the people out here would be the service you expect at Applebee’s.

  • I guess getting a real-estate license ain’t too tough to do!

  • Shall we address all of the violations of Fair Housing that are included in the listing comments? It’s against the rules to mention walking, schools, kids… Implies that only a certain “sort” of buyer will be accepted.

  • That’s the look when the right side porch light has a burned out bulb.

  • If the best you can do in your listing description is “honey stop the car..” then get an envelope, put your real estate license in it, and mail it back to Austin.

  • I would also like to point out that it appears that all recent streets in Katy have been named using a random street name generator. Developers seem to have thrown in the towel as far as introducing any creative thought to the process.

  • Mike, found one and it made me chuckle. Suburban cul-de-sac names do not catch my fancy.

  • that picture is from the appraiser. lmao

  • Maybe that listing is just a joke or prank? or perhaps that’s just the way it’s done out in burbia.