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  • Sometimes it’s just better to go to Vegas than bring it home.

  • My gosh people sure own a lot of crap! That stuffed white tiger in the foyer . . . where would you even go to buy that? Maybe I need to get out more. Or not.

  • What creeps me out are all the sets of twin statues. Entry, den, swimming pool. Guess the decorator decided, “Hmmm….know what would look good here? A kitschy STATUE. But you know what would look EVEN BETTER?
    That SAME statue AGAIN, and just a few feet away!”

  • The guns and samurai swords have racks, but the fishing poles are just leaned against the wall.

    Also, the broken crown moulding for air registers!

  • Take away all the furnishings and I love this place. The showcase garage with adjacent rumpus room is awesome. I am not being sarcastic.

  • You all poo poo this one, but in a few years everyone will have an entryway white tiger. That is how things like this get started.

  • At first I thought this was owned by the cousin of some Arab dictator, but then I saw the pics of the stocked bar. Guess it’s just some old person who likes fake Roman statues and stuffed white tigers.

  • Somebody didn’t get, or more likely ignored, the maxim about decluttering before listing. Yikes.

  • I feel like every room was decorated by a different nationality.

    The man cave is for sure east Texas (a nation of its own). I mean who still has a Big Mouth Singing Billy Bass displayed in there home.