KFC Flies the Fairview Coop

KFC at 2359 S. Shepherd Dr., Vermont Commons, Houston, 77019

The Colonel is still hanging around by the door, but KFC is in the process of leaving the building at 2359 S. Shepherd Dr., a few readers report. The spot at the corner with Fairview Dr. has been sporting now closed signage, and the location has already been eradicated from the annals of KFC’s store database. The chicken shop’s decommissioning follows the late-June sale of the property to an entity called 2359 S. Shepherd, which shares a Smith St. address with Crosspoint Properties (responsible for the redevelopment of a number of Midtown and properties, including the building that now houses Reef and Proof).

The drive-thru sits just south of the Shepherd Place office tower (once the site of those 1960s lesbian bar raids, in its pre-highrise days), and across Shepherd from the former Arby’s, converted to the Inner Loop’s first-ish Dunkin’ Donuts back in 2013.


KFC at 2359 S. Shepherd Dr., Vermont Commons, Houston, 77019

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S. Shepherd Retreat

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  • Ugh, please do NOT redevelop this site. We need a Popeyes or Timmy Chan’s far more than we need another overpriced rotating dining establishment.

  • What a calamity!

  • This KFC has been here before time started…at least before 1969. Great KFC with excellent staff. However, about 10 years ago they updated it with a new building and new management. It’s quality of product shrank dramatically along with service. Additionally, the new construction killed the monstrous old oak on the Fairview side. That alone doomed this location in my book. So long – I’ll keep the good memories.

  • That stretch of Shepherd is so ugly and weird. Sad-sack businesses in converted homes, next to strip shopping centers, next to a high-rise, across from a big(ish) box store. I know, I know: Welcome to Houston.

  • Darryl Morrison: That’s what we miss about Shepherd. There were interesting businesses in converted homes and useful businesses in strip centers. There were affordable restaurants, a beautiful movie theater and record stores. Now THAT was Houston.

  • Bye felicia! I went there in june and ordered two buckets. It was terrible. No pride in their food.

  • thanks for the FREE ad – I’m going to get some chicken tonight!!

  • Man, you all make it sound like a good KFC is something that actually exists. Not in my travels.
    @Darryl, That sounds incredibly walkable and convenient. Where can I buy?

  • Good riddance to that KFC and their mandatory “service charge” for drive-thru customers.

  • There was a Dunkin donuts for decades south of the current location . The current location is definitely NOT the first inside the loop. The other location was also on South Shepherd

  • Please tear this down and build something nice!