Killen’s Pearland Restaurant Shuffle; Chicken Ranch on North Main St. Shutters; Westbury Square Goodbyes

memorial hermann

Photo of Memorial Hermann Memorial City: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Sadly I could see the Chicken Ranch shuttering from a mile away. I heard the same scenario happened with the previous tenant Bellissimo (awesome Mexican/Italian fusion). When business started booming, the landlord attempted to screw them by arbitrarily/astronomically raising rent, so they moved.

  • Mirabeau Lamar was an execrable racist too, can we change Lamar High School’s name too?

  • As near as I can tell, this renaming/erasing history thing is principally the hobby horse of a small group of progressive, right-thinking white folks. Ergo, Lee, as a holding pen for the children of the world-famous COLONIAL HOUSE (free vcr!), should stay Lee. But Reagan, in the center of the gentrified heights, should be renamed to Malcolm X High School. Anything less would be… problematic.

  • Chicken Ranch was haunted by the ghost of Marvin Zindler. It was confused and kept demanding explanations.

  • @Gisgo: Also, Marvin’s Ghost kept announcing to customers that there was SLIME IN THE ICE MACHINE!!!

  • …he could see things others could not with those magic sunglasses…