Killing a League City Apartment Intruder: Not a Good Idea To Smile So Wide in Front of the Leasing Office

Just how tough and efficient is the security at the Signature Point Apartments off Marina Bay Dr. in League City? Last week a visitor that showed up in front of the leasing office was detained for several hours by authorities and then put to death. The visitor had been found earlier in the month in a complex parking lot fronting a canal connected to Clear Lake.

That time, game wardens trapped and released the 7-foot-long alligator into the canal it had crawled from. But they began to suspect apartment residents were feeding the animal, and tried a different strategy on the next encounter:

[Apartment manager Susan] Cogbill said game wardens took the animal to a secluded area of the complex and shot it. Tanuz declined to comment how the animal was killed.

Game wardens did not move the alligator or release it into the water behind Signature Point because it was too comfortable around humans, [Galveston County game warden supervisor Capt. Edward] Tanuz said. Bayous across Galveston County are natural habitats for alligators, but they typically avoid humans, Tanuz said.

What a waste, huh? Oh, no:


The alligator’s carcass will not go to waste.

Parks and wildlife will sell the body to a processor for its meat and hide. Money from the sale goes to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Residents were fascinated with the alligator, and it was unfortunate game wardens had no other option than to kill it, Cogbill said.

Photos: Signature Point Apartments, 1 Signature Point Dr., League City

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  • “But they began to suspect apartment residents were feeding the animal,”

    How stupid can people be? Once the animal knows there is a steady supply of food, it’ll keep coming back. If the food supply doesn’t show up, the nearest pet, child, and adult will do nicely.

    Hope they at least took the dead alligator to a processor. Almost all of the animal can be used once killed. The hide is value. The meat is good and if can’t be sold here can fetch a high price overseas. If it was a male alligator, the testicles can be sold in Japan as an aphrodisiac (about $50+ a pound). Some tourist for some reason like buy alligator heads and feet. The only thing left is internal organs (and there is probably a use for that).

    Does anybody know if alligator hunting is legal or governed in Texas?

  • Answered my own question. Any hunting license besides out-of-state licenses are legal to hunt alligators. No limits on how many.

  • Over there in Florida, if you feed a gator(and get caught) it’s like a $500 fine.

    I think same goes in New Mexico if you get caught feeding the bears.

  • According to the limit is one per hide tag in core counties and one per season in non-core counties. Season dates also vary between core and non-core counties.

  • Alligator Hunting is allowed in Texas, but only in its non-core regions. Permits are difficult to get and expsensive. If you want to shoot a gator, kayak down any s. texas river, bring a pistol, a cooler, and friend who can keep a secret!

    FYI: Lake Texana is home to the biggest gators in Texas. Spoke with River Authority Manager down there, and game wardens have killed a 14 footer that weighed over 1k lbs!