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  • *sigh* I can no longer tell these houses apart. They all have beige/brown interiors, stucco exterior, Spanish tile roofs, dead animal heads/skins, and lots of Kirkland’s Home decor items. Oh, the inhumanity of it all. Does no one have an imagination anymore?

  • The sameness is possibly the result of the search being done by one pair of eyes at Swamplot. Don’t know, but guessing they would welcome suggestions for this feature from the readers. Got time to look through a bunch of listings each day? Nah, me either.

  • While it won’t happen to a Swamplot Sponsor listing, that Glenbrook Valley home would have been a prime candidate for this feature. Go take a look at the wall covering in the library in that house. Classic!

  • “Does no one have an imagination anymore?”? Sure, they just aren’t listing their houses.

  • The daily grind and commitments required to amass a sizable enough fortune to afford multi $MM properties does not lend itself well to imagination, decoration or new and unique hobbies & forms of personal expression.
    To be fair though, when you got this much money tied up in a depreciating asset probably best to always consider the fact you’ll have to sell it off someday. Only the stupid rich can really go wild and personalize 6k sqft.