Kipling Street Academy: Doubling Kid Parking Places in Montrose

A reader sends photos to document the advance of Montrose’s Kipling Street Academy. The 2-story private preschool was set back deep in the 50-ft.-wide residential lot at 1425 Kipling a few years ago. Now it’s expanding one lot further, to the corner of Mulberry St. Owner Jennifer Pierce bought the small apartment complex on that site last year and had it demolished. The finished building will feature a wide second-story gallery tiptoeing over the back row of parking spaces, leaving the front of both lots clear for cars and kiddie drop-offs:


Photos: Swamplot inbox (construction) and Kipling Street Academy (original and rendering)

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  • > a wide second-story gallery tiptoeing
    > over the back row of parking spaces…

    Got to keep Jennifer’s black Maserati in the shade. I keep telling her that I’ll sign the field-trip permission slip in a heartbeat if she’ll let all the toddlers ride in the back…

  • Wait – jump back – the owner drives a Mazarati? How much is tuition???

  • > How much is tuition???

    Depends on the age of the child. For our 16 month old, it’s $1k per month. Not cheap, but not the most expensive in town either.

    We’re very pleased with Kipling.

  • For a full day, that’s pretty comparable to other schools I’ve seen – high if it’s only half day.

  • That’s for a full day.

  • shucks, I wanna be a preschooler!

  • Have never met Ms Pierce, so this is an opportunity for a little gratitude shout-out:
    Not only did the Academy bring something new to the neighborhood (Hey, families are people, too!)
    but this latest expansion replaced one of the most grimy and crime-y apartment complexes in all of upper Montrose.

  • How many of the student actually live in the neighborhood? It seems that we must have an extreme percentage more daycare centers and schools than we have families with kids in the neighborhood. The downside is that for every kid there is a parent in a line dropping them off. Cars block crosswalks, cross streets and roadways, double park and in general create a very dangerous environment for pedestrians as well as wear and tear on our already worn streets.

  • I live down the street and see quite a few parents walking their children to the school. Traffic doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. At least no where near the problem that AOS’ child pick-up creates (cars are often backed up past Mulberry). Probably because students at Kipling can come and go as they please at the parents leisure and there isn’t a specific drop-off/pick-up time.

    I have toured and am looking to put my little one in when she turns 1. Seems to be a great environment!

    And yes, KUDDOS to Jennifer for getting rid of the slum house on the corner!!!