Kit Home Designer Expands to Prefab; How the Katy Prairie Conservancy Has Grown


Photo of Millennium Kirby, 7600 Kirby Dr.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Congratulations to Lake Jackson for getting a Starbucks, a Panda Express, and a “Luxury (new)”, apartment complex! Surely these are just stepping stones to bring this middle class town up to the world stage, and have Freeport remain the same poor industrial wasteland. If Lake Jackon thinks boldly enough, they might even try to get a 2nd Starbucks to open in their ghost mall. A town can dream!

  • The kit home thing sounds like a gimmic…
    Buy premade plans and pay to customize? That’s what everyone else does anyway.
    A list of materials? Any number of professional estimators will do that dirt cheap, and all vendors will do it for free.
    $90-$150 per square foot not including land? You can buy any number of production homes (KB, DR Horton, etc) for $65 a foot including land.

  • What happens to the new housing in Lake Jackson after the new plant expansions have been completed? The number of temporary construction-related jobs are far in excess of the number of permanent jobs that will be created. Hopefully all the new commercial and multifamily property has been sold to out-of-state pension funds by then.

  • commonsense: I was going to say something similar. I have this software I use to make floor plans. But it can also do a 3d render of the home. And, you can put in stuff like where you want plugs, switches, etc. It’ll tell you if it’s to code, and even spit out a material list (how much lumber, drywall, etc.). It’s pretty impressive stuff and I’m far (FAR) from an expert on this stuff.
    So yeah, go and buy a $99 home design app. There are 100’s of templates you can put in, tweak, and send off to a builder.

  • It takes 32 months to build an overpass??

  • Re: lining up to buy properties at a new “luxury gated community”-this kind of stuff happened in FL (at least in Ft. Myers where my in-laws live) just prior to housing bust. Lots of their acquaintances and friends lost a lot of money (that they couldn’t afford to lose hoping to flip). Hope it doesn’t happen here.