La Casita Apartment Takeover: How Does This Happen?

Late last night city officials were able to get an emergency court order allowing a trustee to take over the La Casita Apartments at 313 Sunnyside near Northline. And MGC Mortgage, the company left holding onto the foreclosed property, has “transferred oversight” of the 600-unit complex behind Gallery Furniture to a new management company. The agreements, along with other interventions by the city, mean the more than 1,000 residents of the all-bills-paid apartments will not be evicted, have their water or electricity shut off, or lose credit for the monthly rent they just paid:

Residents of the La Casita Apartments already felt neglected by managers who let buildings run down, even before Hurricane Ike broke windows and tore patches off roofs. But instead of starting on repairs to make the apartments livable after the storm, management skipped town, keeping the rent money and leaving the bills unpaid.

The apparent owner of La Casita is an Indiana company named Briarwood Houston LP. The complex failed a Houston Housing Authority inspection last month. Police officials are investigating the management company’s handling of the payments.

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  • It’s important to note that La Casita, at least as of yesterday, is a member of Houston Apartment Association.

    So much for the standards of Houston Apartment Association and its members.

  • The new management at La Casita Apartments, still neglect renters. They have no concern over renters property. There was a roofing company working on the roof of some of the buildings. The management failed to notify residents of the work being done on the roof. the roofers spread rocks on the roof that when they did that rocks flew everywhere and broke some windshields of some of the residents vehicles and scratched the paint too.when confronted about the damages, they blamed the residents for not moving there vehicles. I advise everyone who had damage done to their vehicle to seek a attorney and sue La Casita Apartments, for negligence. they still have failed to get rid of the drug dealers that stand by building 2 every-night. cars are always broken into. prostitute are always in the back parking lots. the laundry rooms are not safe to use. my daughter was sexual harassed while washing clothes at the laundry room on sight. The management has no concern for residents safety or well being. I am seeking a new home as soon as my lease is over. free utilities come with a price, your families safety and personal belongings.