Lakewood Church Now Offers Drive-Thru Service

No, that’s not valet parking being offered along the ramp at the Timmons side of Lakewood Church in Greenway Plaza. It’s a new drive-thru healing service offered by Pastor Joel Osteen’s mother, Dodie Osteen:

She conducts a traditional healing service each month, recently adding one for children with medical issues. The drive[-through] service is for anyone too ill to attend those. . . .

The first drive through service was advertised by word of mouth. Though small by Lakewood standards, it seems small though it will grow. Yet it did what was intended by creating hope where there might have been none. Dodie Osteen will tell you she’s a living example

“You know what, I can come to them. And I’m perfectly willing to do that. If I have to crawl out there to them, I’ll do that,” said Dodie.

Mrs. Osteen plans to schedule more of the drive-through healing services when the weather improves. The cold temperatures and rain aren’t good for people with health issues.

Photo: Paul Duron

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  • Things like this is what gives Christians a bad name.

    Really? Drive through healing service?

  • Given as how I can see said drive-thru from my office window, do you think if Mama O’ came outside and yelled something she could make this pain in my foot go away?

  • Drive through healing service?

    Featuring a Drive through collection plate? Genius!

  • Does anybody not think, um, traffic jam?

  • I’d like one healing with fries. Thank you.

  • One of the churches up North Shepherd (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God I think) has been doing this for years. They will also do drive through prayers for you as well as healing by all accounts.

  • I wonder if you can get extra packets of special prayers for an additional donation.

  • You know I normally don’t have much nice to say about our district attorney’s office but I remember the “outrage” over the comments of “Whats-her-Name” who ran against Chuck Rosenthal whose husband was the doctor feeding Chuck Rosenthal’s drug addiction that caused his “moral lapses” and I have to wonder if perhaps she and her fellow “rhymes with witches” didn’t hit the nail on the head about Lakewood.

    I also remember what Freud said about religion being indicative of mental illness. Of course he was on cocaine when he said it, so I guess that sort of belies anything he said having any validity.

    I do, however, firmly believe that the Osteens and all the rest have little altars in their homes to their patron saint PT Barnum. There is indeed a sucker born every minute.

  • What the heck? Is she charging for this?!

  • No HMO? No PPO? No coverage? No problem! I think we have the answer to our health care reform debates right here in Houston. What is Obama and congress doing wasting their time in Washington?

    Those who cannot manage to obtain health insurance can just drive up and get some healin’ to go. Lakewood franchises can be opened across the country after their operators get some training from Dodie O. You can fill up on gas, grab a big mac, and cure your cancer during lunch break. What could be simpler?

  • I don’t understand why so many people should have a problem with someone offering to help or pray for those who ask it, especially when it is offered at no cost. The testimony of Dodie Osteen’s healing from cancer is quite inspirational and has helped many people. Those offering criticism should not throw stones when they haven’t offered as much help.

  • my criticizing comes from the ireverent respect this drive thru displays to the practice of prayer.

  • You can call Unity’s Prayer Line and save a little gas and contribute a little less to the pollution that so far the Osteens and their god hasn’t been able to do much about along with any number of other little “irritations” of life. But, well, she was saved. She says. So obviuosly she must have some “healing touch” with prayer. So put in a prayer line. Or does it make it too hard to collect a little change that way? As for her being cured, well, modern medicine or her god? My money’s on modern medicine.

    Hucksters all. Every one of them. Some just huck the bucks a little better than others.

  • Since when is it irreverent to pray in your car, or if you are sick, to listen to a service there instead of contaminating others? I think more people should pray in their cars. And if you haven’t heard someone’s story, how can you judge it? No one there claims that they heal anyone, much less ask money for it. Why the name calling and slander? It says nothing of the facts.

  • Joe!
    Joe, if you pray in your car, in your shower, on the john, or at stop-lights… It’s all good.

    But see, one doesn’t have to go to church and make an offering in order to pray.
    It’s totally free.

  • It’s free at church too.

  • So you guys actually think God cares where you pray? That doesn’t even matter. The fact is that He hears wherever you are praying, and all that matters to Him is having faith. This drive-through might make it convenient for sick people, who, desiring to be prayed for, could simply stay in a comfortable place instead of having to get ready for church, and walk into the building. I kinda think it’s a good idea.