Lamar St. Bike Lane’s Poop Problem; Houston’s Flood of 1935 Was Pretty Bad Too


Photo of Marriott Marquis construction: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • A word for those worried about being forced to elevate their homes: Phases.

  • Did you get that people?!?!? The Free Press Freedom Fest does not have FREE parking. NRG charges for parking for ALL events and CASH only!!!

  • There’s some poop in our precious bike lane that only gets used a fraction tiny of the time?! Heads will roll!!!

  • I have always wondered about that. There are laws about pickup up after your dog, but I got down the bayou trail after the cops have been there and there is shit everywhere.

  • Hou: Lots of places to freely park and take the rail in. We have rail, use it.

  • At the San Antonio Riverwalk, there are numerous horse carriages on street level to offer rides to tourists. They actually have poop bags strapped to the horses’ butts to keep the poop from falling onto the street. It would make sense for our mounted police to do the same.

    This, of course, avoids the [obvious] question of why in the hell we need cops on horses in the first place…

  • SuperDave: Police on horseback are better able to intimidate the homeless and other people on Main Street than police in foot ???

  • @Cody My comment was a followup to people complaining about paying for parking when HISD holds graduation at NRG complex. I have no aversions to rail and actually find it is the best way to beat the horrible traffic around the NRG area.

  • @Rex, horse poop isn’t the same as dog crap. It is really just misplaced fertilizer.

  • Vegan poop is dung…vegetarian poop is crap…carnivore poop is shat.

  • In case you’re curious, when HPD pulls their horse trailer through your U driveway, they won’t repair the damage caused by their enormous trailer running over the curbs.