Land Cleared Behind the Wedding, Hospice, and Sports Facilities on Kirby Dr. near Airport Blvd.

Oakmoor Pkwy. at Acaciawood Way, South Main, Houston, 77051

A ‘dozer was sighted this past week roaming across the newly-cleared plains at the dead end of Acaciawood Dr. into Oakmoor Pkwy., just south of Airport Blvd. between Almeda Rd. and a disconnected stretch of Kirby Dr. (nearly 2 miles southeast of where the main section of Kirby halts, on Holmes Rd. next to the intended UT Houston campus). Workers clearing the land last week told a reader that new apartments were planned for the spot (shown above); the tract, however, is sliced up into single-family-home-sized bites in County Appraisal District records. The land sits south of the Oakmoor Apartments, which sprouted up around the end of 2006. The short neighborhood streets on the other side of Oakmoor were in place by 2008, though the homes now lining them didn’t begin too appear until 2012.

In the distance, the photo above also catches a view of the nearby Harbor Hospice Houston Inpatient Facility (to the left of center, behind a brushpile), and the Citadel on Kirby (to the right), which hosts weddings, galas, and corporate events. Across Kirby lies the Houston Sports Park — work on the first 7 fields at the Houston Dynamo’s professional training facility started at the end of 2009 and wrapped up by 2012. The Houston Parks Board is now fundraising to add an additional 11 fields at the complex, which is also open for public recreational use.


Those seeking other sporting opportunities in the area can visit the Wildcat Golf Club across Almeda Rd. to the west; the club’s 36 holes, just down the road from the Texas Brine Company, are set atop a historic landfill and interspersed with pumpjacks, pipelines, and bobcats.

Photo of Oakwood Pkwy. at Acaciawood Way: Swamplot inbox



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  • That’s surprising to see it alone. I always thought bulldozers worked in packs to protect the other slower moving construction equipment from predators.

  • Till death us do part, indeed.

  • That part of the city is such a mystery zone. Anyone know the story why Kirby starts back up again there? There are also (at least) three different non-contiguous stretches of Airport Blvd there too.

  • Strange as it sounds, it seems like the apartment residents/homeowners out there could be viewed as “pioneers”.
    They aren’t in the main Pearland shopping hubbub and not inside the Loop: they are in that area that was formerly brownfield land. Lest anyone think this was a derogatory term, it is not.

  • I live in this neighborhood and we were told they are building single family homes (89 of them). I hope it’s not apartments or I’ll be selling sooner rather than later. Very disappointed if they are apartments. We have issues with the ones that are there already.

  • I was told the same thing, @Bianca. Where can we find more information on the plans/permits for this space?

  • Can anyone tell me why on God’s green earth would Kirby be disconnected from Houston to Pearland? Wouldn’t cities have ROW to pave a street all the way through? Almeda cannot be the only parallel route to 288. If only Kirby connected…