Land Is Being Cleared for New Apartments Next to the Soccer Stadium

Demolition of 2414 Capitol St., East Downtown, Houston

Demo crews are clearing away a metal warehouse building and chopping up the surface concrete on the block surrounded by Dowling, Rusk, Capitol and St. Charles streets, across Dowling St. from BBVA Compass Stadium in East Downtown. Last year, Mill Creek Residential announced and then canceled plans for a possibly mixed-use apartment development it was calling EADO Station on that block and the one immediately north, facing Texas Ave.


Demolition of 2414 Capitol St., East Downtown, Houston

Instead, an entity controlled by Dallas apartment developers JLB Partners purchased both blocks in January, but that company has not announced its plans for the sites. JLB Partners is possibly best known in Houston as the developer of the ill-fated Axis Apartments on West Dallas St., which burned to the ground back in March. The company recently announced it intends to rebuild apartments at that Montrose location.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top); Mark Goykhman (bottom)

JLB in East Downtown

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  • This site is of historic importance to Houston’s LGBT community. In 1980, off-duty Houston Police officers murdered gay rights activist Fred Paez inside a warehouse on this block on the eve of the annual pride parade. The resulting outrage led to reforms such as the Independent Police Oversight Board (which now-mayor Parker once served on). Progress must go on, but it would be nice if this historic site was noted with a marker of some sort.