Landmark Lower Westheimer Felix Mexican Restaurant Sign Comes Apart in Ebay Auction

No bids yet on the sleepy sombero man in front of the hacked cactus removed from the sign in front of the former Felix Mexican Restaurant at the corner of Westheimer and Grant last year. And no bids on the other formerly east- and west-facing portions of the popular sign, which the space’s new owner, Uchi, put up for auction separately on eBay early this morning. The starting bid for each disassembled segment is a hefty $1,500, but Uchi doesn’t appear to be in this game for fish money. Proceeds are promised to the LULAC National Scholarship Fund; the former restaurant’s namesake, Tex-Mex pioneer Felix Tijerina, served as LULAC’s national president for 4 terms. The “Orders To Go” flyer from the original sign hasn’t shown up in any online auction yet.


Photos: Uchi Houston (top 2); Debra Jane Seltzer (bottom)

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  • I seen this sign when I was little

  • If Uchi wanted to contribute to the community, they wouldn’t give a dime to Lulac. Maybe they should have donated to Legacy Health or one of the many HIV/Aids Charities that are part of the community.

  • kjb, where does it say anything about them wanting to contribute to the community (or why they should in the first place)? I don’t know a thing about LULAC but it seems fitting because of the connection to the old restaurant.

  • Some one might want read up on Felix Tijerina before they define who is part of “the community”.

  • Will LULAC only give the scholarship $$ to Hispanic children? How racist and hypocritical.

  • It is such a shame that the Architects and Clients could not see the benefit of having the sign stay were it was and have the Uchi sign be subordinate.

  • LULAC. Isn’t that the group that had all of the fake constituents who opposed the Glenbrook Valley historic district?

  • Why are people down on LULAC and Felix Tijerina? Go ahead and start a white people’s scholarship if it will make you feel better. It’s a free country after all. Why should you care if you get called a bigot? You will surely annhilate the “liberal racists” with the power of your self-righteous caucasian indigination, and you’ll bring help to all those white kids who are suffering burdens too numerous to count.

  • The Golden Rule

    He who has the gold makes the rule. Uchi owns the sign and can do whatever they choose. Anyone ever tell you what you could sell and to whom?

  • #1) That isn’t the golden rule.

    #2) Yeah, how horrible that Uchi would honor the memory of a Mexican food pioneer and Hispanic cultural icon by donating to a Hispanic scholarship fund…

    #3) This board is becoming less fun daily.

  • Hoo boy, Swamplot readers have their collective knickers in a twist today. It’s very unbecoming.

  • Thanks for letting us know about this.

    I just glanced at the three eBay listings. Looks like the glass tubing been removed from the “Felix” and “Mexican Restaurant” parts of the sign. Bummer.

  • How much fun would it be if everyone agreed with everyone else every day, all the time, forever and ever?

    Can you say boring?

  • Anse- If someone created an organization that only helped poor white kids it would rain race cards and you know it. It’s time to end the double standards. Why is it OK for certain groups to self-segregate and help only their own kind? Why is it OK for them to demand representation by their own race of people in government? It’s not OK. No more excuses.

  • Pfffft, the German-American Heritage Foundation offers scholarships to students of German ancestry. The Council of Higher Education offers scholarships for students of Czech or Slovak ancestry. There are organizations that offer scholarships for Polish-American students, Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and goodness knows who else. Still believe there aren’t opportunities for white kids? Stop complaining.

  • From kjb434:”If Uchi wanted to contribute to the community, they wouldn’t give a dime to Lulac. Maybe they should have donated to Legacy Health or one of the many HIV/Aids Charities that are part of the community.”

    kbj434, Felix Tijerina was in that location “doing” for the community long before transvestites were dressing up like Donna Summer and dancing on the roof of Mary’s…..

  • Anse- Surely you recognize those organizations are based on country of birth and not race, right? I guess you think all of those countries are 100% Caucasian? Stop making excuses for racist hypocrites.

  • Pffft, I know the person who manages this site never intended it to become a political forum. So I want to apologize for going off on this tangent in the first place. But man, there is nothing more pathetic than a white guy(and yes, I am white) complaining about stuff like LULAC scholarships, as if white kids don’t have any advantages at all, as if there aren’t a thousand scholarships available for countless causes and communities across this country. You are free to establish a scholarship fund for any purpose you like. There is no law preventing you; there is only popular opinion. If this is a cause that really means something to you, then go forth fearlessly and establish your white kids’ fund. Popular opinion shouldn’t matter to idealists like you, right?

  • Anse- I wasn’t complaining white kids aren’t getting scholarships, I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy and the double standards from an organization who only helps members of it’s own ethnicity. A org who expects their representatives to be elected based on their race instead of their qualifications. An org who is constantly crying racism even though they are guilty of the exact same thing. Either we separate people by race and skin color or we don’t. They can’t have it both ways.

    Good day to you.

  • Really a shame that they couldn’t keep the entire sign together, hopefully one bidder will get all the pieces.

  • Sweet archive photo of Felix’s. I cant wait to go to Uchi!