Lanier Middle School Ceremonially Changes Name to Lanier Middle School

LANIER MIDDLE SCHOOL CEREMONIALLY CHANGES NAME TO LANIER MIDDLE SCHOOL Bob Lanier crestThe Lanier-Lanier name change got the official seal of approval as of yesterday morning by way of a seal-updating and renaming ceremony at the middle school’s campus at Woodhead St. and Westheimer Rd. That previously threatened lawsuit over the HISD’s plan to flush out Confederate sympathizers from its campus name roster was in fact filed in late June by a group of parent-and-alumni-types; documents filed with the district clerk’s office show that a request by the plaintiffs for a temporary injunction to stop the renamings from moving forward was denied by the judge on August 22nd. Lanier’s campus is keeping all but its first name, swapping author Sydney for former Houston mayor Bob; the other 7 schools on the changeover list started the year with more dramatic shifts in nomenclature. [HISD Blog; previously on Swamplot] Image of new Bob Lanier Middle School seal: HISD    

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  • What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • That crest reminds me of three dogs taking a d__P.

  • So rather than take the opportunity to learn from the past, we did it again? Stop naming public buildings after people, it’s stupid.

  • @WR, their mascot is (and has been for at least the past few years) the Purple Pups.

  • And what did Bob Lanier do to earn such distinction? Rip out the Westpark rails for a toll road that is at a standstill twice a day? And out of all the school name changes this one go to keep the surname. I’m sure having Jolanda Jones as an alum had nothing to do with that…

  • Lets get this straight: Bobby Lanier owned no slaves. He did make good use of a multitude of shell
    companies with minority “ownership” to satisfy contract bid requirements on hundreds of state and local
    projects . . . . this school should probably have special courses in shell company structures and kickbacks
    taken in foreign lands. And might as well have courses in using private detectives to bully and intimidate
    political and business foes. And what about bet making? Remember the River Oaks bookie? I believe he
    knew Bobby. The stories Elise could tell.

  • Also, didn’t the Montrose vote against Bob Lanier?
    Kind of funny to have a school named after you in a neighborhood that voted against you.

  • In hindsight, Bob Lanier > Annise Parker.

  • You know whats coming next, right? All Robert E Lee schools are going to now by Shelia Jackson Lee schools.. haha.

  • George Washington had slaves. Let’s take back and re-print all the one dollar bills.

  • Complete was of my tax payments, professional and personal! Nice to know though that when a crazed shooter takes aim 8 feet from me and my neighbors in Montrose; it only takes HPD 15 mins to arrive while my trama nurse neighbor does cpr the whole time…

    Smooth Houston, REAL smooth. Thx!