Las Alamedas: Landlord Wants More

Last week the Houston Business Journal reported that the owner of Las Alamedas had reached agreement on a new lease with its landlord and would reopen on February 6th. But the upscale Mexican restaurant on the Katy Freeway at Voss is still closed.

What happened to that agreement?

“The landlord came back and wanted at least 50 percent more rent and other things that we didn’t originally agree on,” says [restaurant owner Jorge] Sneider.

Sneider had previously told reporter Allison Wollam that the original landlord died in a plane crash, and various surviving family members had been fighting over ownership of the property for the last year and a half. “He now hopes he can work out another lease in a couple of weeks,” Wollam reports today.

Photo: Rachel Dvoretzky

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  • The landlord should just be happy they’ve got a reliable tenant. Have you seen the amount of vacant commercial space around town??
    Las Alamedas has good food, a very good name and there are tons of options in the area. Heck they should just move across to the new HEB development.

  • I drove by yesterday and there were two large U-Haul trucks backed up to the back door. I think Las Alamedas is toast. What a shame; I’ve had many good times there.

  • Las Alamedas’ biggest draw is their bank of back windows and the beautiful interiors. The food is secondary. If they were to move, it would have to be to an equally breathtaking place. I think if they lose this space, they are gone.

  • Well, I drove by a couple of hours ago and the sign out front says something like “Thank you for 28 great years. We will relocate.”

  • Rumor has Las Almedas franchising a smaller location over off of Washington for Jorge’s son. Jorge is looking toward the StinkoRanch area of west Houston for the new location of Las Almedas. Sounds like a really, really, bad idea. Chumpa mi verga, por favor

  • Washington GOOD, Cinco Ranch BAD!

  • I know too many people that contracted gastrointestinal issues from eating at that place over the years. Nice location, but good riddence.

  • Cinco Ranch is a bad idea, what about woodlands….!!!
    You need to find a place with the view, trees,,,smoking area,,,same as you had in there,,,Shame on the landlord he is loosing a great tenant!