Last Call for the Boneyard Drinkery

LAST CALL FOR THE BONEYARD DRINKERY Boneyard-bye-byeIt wasn’t the first Houston ingesting establishment to be permitted by the city to allow canine companions and their owners to co-lounge on its patio (that honor belongs to the now-shuttered Ziggy’s on Fairview) but with its attached 7,000-sq.-ft. dog park, the Boneyard Drinkery lived up to its reputation as the quintessential outdoorish hangout where panters, drinkers, and occasional barkers all could coexist in relative harmony. And now, after 4 years, it’s closing. A note posted to the Boneyard Facebook page indicates the property at 8150 Washington Ave. is being sold, and the bar and park will both close on November 30th. “Due to the size of property needed for this concept,” reads the note, “and the outrageous increase of property value in Houston over the last few years, we will not be relocating.” [Facebook; Photo: Boneyard Drinkery via Facebook]

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  • Come to the East End. We have no dog parks!

  • A massive dog park will be opening soon at Montrose and Allen Parkway at the Buffalo Bayou Park. I don’t think there will be alcohol explicitly allowed, but it could be suggested.

  • So sad to hear this. However, there is plenty of affordable real estate on the east side inner loop and the same goes for the Sharpstown area. A concept such as this is worth a few extra miles of driving for Rice Military/Cottage Grove folks and would be appreciated by other neighborhoods as well. If not the Boneyard, then I hope a different owner will open up a doggie bar somewhere else!

  • I have a 14,500 sf lot that they could rent from me long term. That should be big enough, right?

  • There are GOBS (that’s the technical term) of cheap land available if you just venture – gasp – a few miles east of midtown/Montrose. Try going east of 288 and have a 80% lower land/lease cost.

  • Another vote for the East Side….

  • Another example of Houstonians believing all civilization ceases when you cross eastward beyond 59/Eastex and 288…beyond that….the vast unknown….

  • Be real this thing is closing and shutting down permanently because of other reasons not because of land value. There is plenty of cheap land they could relocate to.

  • I’m back again ladies and Gents. I went to this place twice. It was and, to an extent, still is a scatological paradise. I brought my k9 friend there both times. He is a nice dog (dogo argentino) and got along real well with everyone. I had a few beers, let Blanco play around with the other dogs and had a great time. It is sad that land is getting so high, you just can’t have places like this unless you charge $10 a beer. After a few beers, i got hit with the urge. It started off slight, but quickly developed into a full blown colon evacuation. They were out of TP, so i ended up using my socks. Not a great result, but it got the job done. All i can say is i hope the city stops blowing all of our tax money pursuing pastors and what not. That tax revenue is through the roof, but crime is up, people still poppin, and lots of pootholes in the road. Anyways, you guys stay safe.


  • really hate to see this place close. had some good times there and the atmosphere was really groovy.

  • crazy how we treat dogs better than human beings

  • socks used to clean yourself? that is quick thinking

  • @Matthew – Where is your lot located? I would seriously consider this….

  • “Come to the East End. We have no dog parks!”

    Uh…the entire East End is a dog park. Pop open a couple of beers on the front porch and you’ll get the same experience for a lot less $.

  • Dana-x, are these feral dogs you can wach on the east side or pure breeds? Takes a big dog to poop a pound

  • Thanks for the mention in your story…true, Ziggy’s is tecnically shuttered…but do want to point out we changed the name and gave ourselves a makeover. So still here! And still dog friendly.