Last Category: What Was 2010’s Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate?

We’ve announced 9 categories so far in the 2010 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate: Favorite Houston Design Cliché, Best Teardown, Parking Lot of the Year, Drive-Thru of the Year, Walmart of the Year, the Washington Ave Award, Most Improved Neighborhood, Least Historic Neighborhood, and Neighborhood of the Year. Phew! What’s left to cover?

Here it is, the 10th and final category. And as usual, we’ve saved the best for last: What was the Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate of 2010?

Swamplot is dedicated to covering great moments in Houston real estate. That’s why we’re here. Did we miss a few this year? Browse through the site if it’ll help you to draw up a list of contenders; or raid your own memory banks. Then tell us what moment deserves this recognition. (If you’ve got questions about how to make a nomination, you’ll likely find the answers here.)

A great moment is lost if there’s no one there to chronicle it or cherish it. Which is why we need your help. Add your comments or send us an email describing the moments you’d like to nominate.

12 Comment

  • Adding a THIRD Starbucks to the “first sign of the apocalypse” double-Starbucks at West Alabama and Shepherd

  • Isn’t that West Gray and Shepherd – or OMG has it happened twice???

  • I would say the meteoric rise of City Centre. Located in anything but the center of Houston, this mixed use development has been on fire. Leasing is brisk in a crap ass economy and has brought forth a unique development instead of the usual suspects that will fill a strip mall. And where many have failed miserably to follow through on equally ambitious mixed use developments in the actual center of the city (some opting for suburban big boxes instead), City Centre has succeded, showing that the mixed use concept is the future of real estate development for any part of Houston.

  • Wally World Coming to the Hieghts!!!!

  • Oops! West Gray! My bad!

  • Ditto on the third Starbucks, except I like to refer to it as the Holy Trinity of Starbucks/consumerism. Love it. Literally, I love it. I have been to all three, sometimes two of the locations on the very same day. Each has its purpose. The first, let’s call it “sit-down Starbucks” on the Marble Slab side, and is clearly for sitting down and enjoying your day, a little people watching, dog petting and perhaps studying for the MCAT, bar exam or LSAT. The second, is clearly “drive-through Starbucks,” and is just as stated, for driving-through. Why anyone actually goes inside this Starbucks in beyond me. Of course, I have been inside, but then it occurs to me as I attempt to find a parking spot and then avoid getting run over by said drive-through customers, why didn’t I go to sit-down Starbucks? As for the third Starbucks, “bookstore Starbucks,” it is there to suck money out of my wallet while my daughter plays with the train table upstairs. Sure the train table is sold to us as free entertainment, but they know what they are doing. There is no way I am sitting at the train table for possibly an hour empty handed. Plus, I have to pass “book store Starbucks” on my way up the escalator. So I end up buying an earl grey latte, a muffin of some sort, expensive vanilla milk for my daughter and whatever kid book she manages to smuggle downstairs. Genius business plan, by the way. So yes, the Holy Trinity of Starbucks gets my vote.

  • I nominate Mel’s comment for Comment Of The Year.

  • I’ve gone inside drive-through Starbucks when sit-down Starbucks was too crowded.

  • La Santísima Trinidad de Starbucks. Siéntate, Unidad a Través, Librería.

  • What is crazy is that all 3 our always packed.

  • No way, drive thru Starbucks is the superior store of the three, for sitting or driving thru. The baristas are way better, and the whole store experience is better, if you can put up with the creepy homeless people that like to congregate inside.

  • @MJ, you only think they are creepy homeless people until you watch them get into a late model lexus and drive across the street to River Oaks…