Last Days of EaDo’s Long Sing Supermarket; Where Houston Is Sinking

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • What is this tragedy known as Buffalo Heights

  • Long Sing – Went here a few times and really tried to support it but there we NO options and the store was a disaster. Would really like something that was clean like 99Mart or HK Food Mart with a BYOB LACrawfish

  • Farewell Long Sing Supermarket. I remember when my grandfather took me to stare through the glass at those bizarrely red roasted ducks. Your food court sustained me often as a miserly student looking for an affordable treat and your incredibly stinky sauce aisles were incapable of sating my culinary curiosities. You will be remembered fondly.

  • Really surprised Long Sing has lasted this long, when I moved to Houston in 1985, this original Chinatown was already on the way out (and our family never shopped there), replaced by Chinatown 2 (Milam Street), which itself was replaced by Chinatown 3 (Bellaire Blvd. out west).

  • Watch out with Midway moving into Washington. All those townhomes immediately south of them are gonna get flooded out. Those are really nice townhomes. Too bad Midway is going to flood them out. Just ask the town home owners off Memorial Drive south of City Centre. They don’t give a fuck either. Invest in kayaks.