Last Edible Piece of the Hanover Rice Village’s Retail Footprint Finally Opens This Weekend

LAST EDIBLE PIECE OF THE HANOVER RICE VILLAGE’S RETAIL FOOTPRINT FINALLY OPENS THIS WEEKEND Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen, 5214 Morningside Dr., Rice Village, HoustonIt may have taken some time to weld all those custom steel bow windows, but the Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen on the east side of the Hanover Rice Village apartment complex between Cloud 10 Creamery and Punk’s Simple Southern Food, is at last ready for its enchilada debut. The restaurant’s official opening is scheduled for this Sunday. The first Cyclone Anaya signs were spotted at the 5214 Morningside Dr. storefront last September. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Anyone know whats up with the new Little Woodrows location on Eastside that was having issues with the Mosque?

  • This must be a lie, because so many naysayers on Swamplot are constantly telling us that ground level retail “can’t” work in Houston. It’s not feasible. The developers can’t make money. The numbers don’t add up.

    Yeah, right. It works all over the world. Houston is not that unique. The Calais, the Pearl, and many other new 4-8 level apartments buildings would be much better places to live, and much better additions to their neighborhoods if they’d followed this example and business plan. Midtown is now stuck for a generation (or more) with block after block of zero street life and block after block of gates, fences, and suburban parking lots, instead.


  • @Jon: To be fair, building any ground level retail immediately adjacent to Rice Village (already a highly walkable) is nothing like building ground level retail in a random part of Midtown or most other parts of Houston. You’re pointing your finger at the exception to the rule.