Late Night Pie Scheduled To Reopen Monday

Thank you for your concern, but the “The Pie is alive and strong,” reports Late Night Pie owner Mike Bell. Earlier this week, Katharine Shilcutt reported in the Houston Press‘s Eating Our Words blog that the pizza joint at 302 Tuam, in the eastern stretches of Montrose, had closed.

And indeed it had. But the Pie shall rise again — next week — Bell tells Swamplot:

Its been a rough couple weeks being closed but we are reopening on monday. The only major change is that we are adding a full liquor license and new selections of draft and bottle beer. Our wine list will also be new and improved. . . . Wait till everybody sees our new [custom] front door made by the nationally known artist Mik Miano. It’s awesome and will be installed this weekend for everybody to enjoy.

Photos: Mike Bell

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