Late to the Demolition Party on Eastside St.

“I missed all of the fun,” complains the reader who sent in these photos of yesterday’s demolition extravaganza at 3210 and 3310 Eastside St. between Richmond and Alabama east of Greenway Plaza. “Not sure what the plans are, but apparently there was a ceremony to commemorate the event. The [above] photo shows an event tent with chairs in their abandoned parking lot. . . . It was essentially a large party tent & it looked as if several dozen chairs were being put away.” What was this place?


“It’s the ‘Escape Family Resource Center’ that’s being demolished at 3210, and 3310 used to be ‘Victoria’s Day Spa-River Oaks,'” reports the reader. “Before that 3310 used to be ‘I Have a Dream’ (whatever that was?). There is a temporary construction fence going around both buildings and the parking lot between them.” What fun are we missing?

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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