Latest Downtown Houston Headcount; A Restaurant and Juice Bar for Houston’s First Whole Foods 365

Photo of the University of Houston: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • In what world is Gus’s “World Famous” Fried Chicken actually famous? It’s NOT on Earth.

  • The organic grocery wars are interesting to watch…like a game of Chinese checkers…this 610/Yale 365 is leap-frogging the Sprouts at Yale @ 1-10 trying to capture those from the Heights north. The new 365 being built at Smith and Elgin will solidify Bezo’s position in Midtown and those in the East End who will now have a closer store than Sprouts. The overpriced Midtown Randalls’ organic selection will likely remain scant amid the new competition. Sprouts will have to make a move to the east to establish dominance in that sector or maybe near the Dome to get some Museum District/Med Center people.

  • Eight-thousand sounds a like a very small number of people. I would like to know how that number compares to other cities, and how many are really expected to live in the CBD. A little context, please.

  • Gisgo,

    Pittsburgh has over 14k, LA 52k, New Orlean 2k. 30k is pretty ambitious for Houston. Not sure how many condo dwellers really want to pay top dollar to have that view.

  • Best thing about UH is its view of downtown, even if its showing the school its rear. That school is still in the ghetto even after all the prosperity in the city. I’m still a fan of Riverside Terrace if you build a wall around your house and drive a tank. 288 really was the death knell after the Jews were driven out by the blacks. Not Houston’s finest hour

  • Austin has tons living downtown and its a NIGHTMARE of traffic, pedestrians, and bikes. I love the Iron Works BBQ, but it’s like the Battle of the Bulge to get to it, they sat that stupid Convention Center in the middle of downtown, robbing the CBD of its traffic flow. It’s insane. I’d never live down there, I’ll take Travis Heights

  • I enjoy living downtown to be close to events, bars and work. But it is a major pain to not have a decent full-service grocery in walking distance. And all of the fast casual restaurants are closed on the weekends. And we desperately need something like a CityTarget or Walmart Neighborhood Market to get random everyday items. Spend all this money to be close to everything but still have to leave downtown to do most shopping.

  • @JasperRasper18, I am from the northeast and it is very rare that you will find one store that sells everything that you need within walking distance. Besides, even if they did do it here in Houston core, what is walking distance for you will not be walking distance for others. I found I typically hit a store on the way home from work or went out of my way by bus/subway/cab to get what they need. Without a car to drive to the suburbs to the “one store that has everything” you plan your daily commutes based on what stores you need to hit and products you need to buy… it becomes your way of daily life.