Latest Expletive-Laden, Landlord-Blaming, Bar-Closing Tirade Comes from The Usual

LATEST EXPLETIVE-LADEN, LANDLORD-BLAMING, BAR-CLOSING TIRADE COMES FROM THE USUAL The Usual, 5519 Allen St., Cottage Grove, HoustonCottage Grove lesbian bar The Usual shut down its patio-by-the-railroad-tracks location last week, and marked the occasion with a Facebook announcement declaring enough was enough: “We planned on remodeling but our landlord refused to pay for all the roofing and electrical needs (as most of you know was much needed) . . . we decided to say fuck it and we will do it and make The Usual look better than ever . . . but then we got news that our renewal would double our rent and our landlord is such a dick he knows we can’t afford that and he is so greedy and wanting to sell the property and could not because we were still there, he knew he had to get us out . . . well . . . we fought and fought but unfortunately had to make the decision to move . . . we will be absent for a short while but will return soon and can’t wait to see all of you!” A mysterious post on Yelp from a first-time reviewer points to an alternative — or perhaps additive — explanation for the sudden closing of the bar at 5519 Allen St., facing onto T.C. Jester: a TABC license that had expired at the end of last November. A more recent Facebook posting declares The Usual is “On the hunt for our NEW location!!! Only going bigger and better!!” [The Usual on Facebook, via Culturemap] Photo: LoopNet

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  • Sound like the landlord exercised his contractual and statutory property rights. Tough titty, said the kitty when the milk went dry.

  • Squabbles with your landlord like this are a sign from Above that it’s time to buy your building. That’s true whether it’s residential or commercial.

  • I wondered how long it would be before that place was forced out of there. With the new apartment complex ready for move-ins, that spot if prime for a venue catering to tenants of the new complex.

  • @CK

    None of whom will be lesbians?

  • I am not surprised at the “expulsion”, but there is opportunity in every cancelled lease. In this case I believe the owners of The Usual will have the last laugh as that location was awful.

  • Why dont they just go to montrose? or is that just mainstream?

  • Damn. I like the Usual. Nice laid back vibe there. The greedy landlord will feel the wrath of mad lesbians !!!

  • And why shouldn’t the “greedy” dick of a landlord take advantage of a hot real estate and market and sell? Of course he is the one who is demonized on the Facebook page when the bar operators should be called out for being unprofessional whiners . No one owes you a place to sit and drink a beer . And I am going to guess based on the Facebook rant that the bar owners were bitches among other things.

  • @elseed
    Yes, that would be too mainstream. Besides, all the cool pockets of Montrose have been overrun by couples on dates where the d-bag dude is trying to show how “metro” he is to the chick, by being able to exist in close proximity to gay people, as long as none hit on him in the restroom.