Latest Harvey-Related Lawsuit; New Look for Market Street in The Woodlands; Bungalow Heights Debuts in Shady Acres

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  • Re: Bridge

    Another great example of wasting taxpayer money. Yes, there should be another bridge, but why take down the current one which has a significant lifespan remaining. …. just erect a new, parallel span to handle the additional traffic and when the original span’s lifetime is nearing it’s end THEN erect the second suspension bridge. The dredging “issue” is a lot of BS when you consider the hundreds of millions being wasted, but I guess there is nothing more “rewarding” than wasting our taxpayer money

  • All of the govt entities that work with tax dollars have the view that they are using FREE money. It costs them nothing. They are handed a pile of money and are charged with spending it.. There is no incentive to use it wisely. In fact, the usual idea is that if you do not use all that you have available you will not get as much the next time. It is truly perverse.

  • Bellaire wealthier than Highland Park?????? Please. Highland Park makes Bellaire look like Soweto

  • Nearly $1G for a new bridge??? Incredible how expensive it is.