Latest Pioneers of Sharpstown’s Beltway 8 Outskirts: Gun Range, Dialysis Center, Texas Star Bingo Hall

The developers behind the Plaza 88 retail center on Beltway 8 south of Bellaire Blvd. are now marketing the 2 existing buildings in their planned 5-building complex to those looking to get in on them. And already, an eclectic group has leapt at the opportunity. Texas Star Bingo Hall is the latest to sign up for space; it filed a building permit last week to take over most of the second story in the double-decker strip shown above. Below it, DSI Chinatown Hemodialysis Center and a separate but equal-in-size senior center will split the ground floor — and potentially provide a good portion of the customers base for what’s upstairs.

South of the strip, an additional one-story retail building sits perpendicular to it. That’s where a venue dubbed the High End Bellaire Gun Range will go ballistic next to a not-yet-leased space set to buffer it from a restaurant at the other end of the building, as shown in the site plan below:


Zooming out gives a sense of what’s next for the complex once the additional 3 buildings marked “Phase 2” shape up adjacent to the existing structures:


(That’s JKS Restaurant Equipment & Supply‘s building shown surrounded and stamped “Not a Parcel” in the plan.)

A proposed main entrance of Beltway 8 to the west looks sharp in renderings:

Here’s how the entire site would appear from above that access point:

The 2 existing buildings are the least pointy and the furthest back from the highway.

At the northwest corner of the property, there’s room for one more angular addition:

Photos and renderings: Southwest Realty

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  • “High End Bellaire Gun Range”
    Misleading. Class-A establishments do not allow guns. They post TX 30.6 and 30.7 regulation signs.
    Try again rednecks.

  • More flood inhibiting CONCRETE. The urban sprawl model is DEAD. But the morons that are RUINING this city will greedily build the cheapest & crappiest structures and NOT care about the long term environmental impact.