Latest Timeline for The Rustic’s Downtown Debut; How Cindy Played Out

Photo of Margaret Long Wisdom HS: BOldbury via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • With a huge American flag made of beer cans and a buffalo head on the wall, The Rustic should be called ‘MURIKA! Bar & Grill instead. Do they really think people from Conroe are going to drive all the way into the big, scary, diverse city to see Toby Keith or Ted Nugent at this place?

  • Re: Racial profiling in Upper Kirby
    After seeing the [murder] of Mr. Philando Castile I don’t blame blacks for being scared. Watch the video(s) again. Why is Open Carry and Concealed Carry a thing if you get murdered for letting a LEO know you have a firearm on you? What Mr. Philando Castile did was correct. He let an officer know he had a firearm, seconds later he let the officer know he wasn’t reaching for the gun, but got shot up. If you’re at a point blank range ( -3 feet) is letting 7 shots out really necessary? Did the LEO not have firearm training? 1 shot to the heart/head would have been enough. Did the color of his skin make the officer scared?

    I know, the stereotypical Texan will blame Mr. Philando Castile.

  • “Why a black woman can’t wear a hoodie in Upper Kirby” – Wait a minute….. Is it because a police officer may make eye contact with you? Poor girl needs a “feel better” bouquet because a police officer looked at her? Welcome to the club sweetheart….. At this rate my grandchildren may be so sensitive they need therapy just to deal with sunlight.

  • No GL, people living in the scary city will go see Toby Keith and Ted. Not my taste but that’s fine. You said it yourself. It’s a diverse city with ideas and opinions that may not match those within your coffee circle. Deal with it.

  • @Toby: You must be black.
    (it’s a joke)

  • GL, since the location is next to the convention center, it sounds like they will be trying to cater to tourists and conventioneers who come to Texas expecting to find something ” Texan-y”.

  • Step down off your little soapbox, HEB. You start a blog.