Les Noo’dle’s Nametags Replacing Les Ba’get’s on the Montrose Blvd. Restaurant Building Near W. Gray

The building on the corner of Montrose Blvd. and Bomar St. is showing signs of rebranding as Les Ba’get’s owners prepare to open a new, more pho-friendly joint in its place — dubbed Les Noo’dle. February 2 was closing day for the original Vietnamese restaurant; it’s now getting situated in a new Oak Forest shopping center on Ella Blvd. where it will double its space.


Les Ba’get opened in the 1,536-sq.-ft. building just south of W. Gray St. in 2015.

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Apostrophe Intact

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  • Hmm. I wonder if a lawsuit from Let’s Noodle in Chinatown is forthcoming?

  • I don’t like those non-standard uses of apostrophes. I blame President Orange for unleashing the tides of spelling and grammar anarchy.