Lidl Coming to Conroe; Kirby Collection Starts Leasing

Photo of Spring Branch: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • McMansion Hell is one of my favorite blogs –well after Swamplot of course.

  • John Jacob is right that the new tower at market square is a total fail from the perspective of adding anything to attract people to it, and ultimately attracting people to live there.

  • Off any topic here but I have one question. Is Fisher building that thing on Yale with a couple of credit cards?

  • Fisher couldn’t get approved for a Walmart store card, much less two credit cards. I’m sure it’s some poor sap investor’s money (soon to be called the plaintiff).

  • Yep – that picture demonstrates exactly how they build houses in Tuscany.

  • Re: Fisher’s current Yale project: I haven’t seen any signs of life there in weeks, if not months. That awful midrise he built behind the gas station on Washinton/Center St. looks empty. His completed monstrosity on the other side of Yale looks pretty empty and is for sale. He’s got various lawsuits against him… Which all begs the question…what in the hell is going to happen to that giant hole in the ground half filled with concrete?

  • Re: Fisher on Yale

    Crews are there everyday, they just park in the garage now.

  • Oh good…I assume that means it will be completed as scheduled.