Light Rail Only on the East End Overpass; The Man Behind Mid-Main’s Urban Island

abandoned jet ski

Photo of Campbell Rd. near Genard Rd.: David Elizondo via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Why does everything have to be named something-something Heights? Can anyone put a stop to this foolishness?

  • @RoB
    I think when we eventually reach ‘Valley Heights’ the people will stand up and revolt.

  • I am waiting for “Heights Heights”

  • I remember when people only associated the Heights with the serial killers Elmer Wayne Henley and Dean Corll. Now it has gotten so confusing.

  • Ihd,
    Don’t forget the guy that killed his parents and put them in the fridge. They say history repeats itself………

  • The Driscoll Street murders. My grandparents lived just a couple of blocks over from that one.

  • That bridge on Harrisburg really should carry automotive traffic, even if there is only a single lane in each direction. When the trains come through that area, the only viable detours are to Navigation or to I-45; but from Harrisburg, neither of those makes a lot of sense to go out of your way to use. You just have to sit and wait. This is a very-long-term investment, so most East Enders probably only have one shot in their lifetimes to see that its gotten right. Let’s hope they do.

  • Food desert=lazy zone.