Lights Out at Lantern Lane Rice Epicurean

A Swamplot reader sends in this photo of the shuttered Rice Epicurean on Memorial, 1 of 4 stores (of 5) that the longtime Houston grocer said it would close and lease to North Carolina-based The Fresh Market this year. (The location on Fountain View at Inwood will remain open.) Those splashy signs say that the store’s liquidating its fixtures and “supermarket equipment.” So, you know, act fast! While supplies last!

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I wonder what will become of it? Will it still be a gracery store? It was a Lewis & Coker before it was Rice Epicurean, so it’s been a grocery store for a long time. Personally, I prefer a neighborhood grocery store like this to the enormous freeway-located warehouse-style grocery stores like the HEB at I-10 at Bunker Hill. Apparently I am in the minority, but I don’t see much advantage in the warehouse-style stores. Parking is a pain, and finding what you need requires lengthy hikes. You can never just pop in and out of a store like this–each shopping trip is an expedition. And what do you gain? Greater selection? Perhaps, but how many different varieties of Tide do you need?

    Anyway, Rice Epicurean was my grocery store and I’m sad to see it go–and I’ll be even sadder if it is not replaced by another grocery store.

  • Sorry to see it go. Lived across the street for years and shopped there all the time despite the prices. Always beautiful flowers and interesting selection. It was great…walking to the Rice grocery, Vine wine bar, Empire Turkish Grill, Town & Country, Memorial City. Hopefully Fresh Market will be a good replacement.