Ligne Roset in Houston and Austin: Gone

The Ligne Roset showroom in Houston and the design boutique on West 2nd St. in Austin have both ceased operations, according to a recording left on both stores’ answering machines — and a tip from a Swamplot reader. Houston’s Ligne Roset moved from a Rice-Village-area strip center on Kirby to 1992 West Gray in the River Oaks Shopping Center last February. (That move surprised customers who had been looking forward to the completion of grander plans: Owner Bruce Wolfe had previously announced the modern French furniture store would anchor a 12,000-sq.-ft. “Design Source” retail center in West Ave, where he would also operate 4 additional showrooms featuring sleek modern lines.) The recording refers customers with pending orders to Roset USA. The closest Ligne Roset showroom now: Dallas.

Photo: Swamplot Inbox

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  • Sorry to see them go.

  • I don’t know that I would write off any non-Ligne Roset expansion Bruce has in mind. I ordered a sofa from them during their Labor Day sale last year and was given a 10-12 week estimate for delivery (most items are made to order). It took closer to 6 months to actually receive the item. Comparatively speaking, I dropped a measly $4,000 for a sofa — imagine what someone spending $40,000 would think about that wait. My understanding is that it was this issue of not receiving orders on a timely basis that led them to break with Ligne Roset corporate and close the stores. So, if this Design Source store isn’t based solely around Ligne Roset products, it may still happen.

  • After a stop in Sur La Table last weekend I wanted to take my girl in their and looks at ridiculously expensive plastic ans acrylic with her. Too bad they were boarded up.

  • I was saddened to learn that Ligne Roset had forced two hard working businessmen like Bruce Wolf and Fred Beiser into such an untenable situation that they had to close both stores so suddenly.

    Granted these are difficult times, but what has transpired is an insightful look into Ligne Roset’s business practices. It is too bad that the company did not portray the same elegance in dealing with the situation as they do with the design of their furniture.

  • Ligne roset is doing a great work =)… i found a illumination brand that is amazing “Delightfull” and i think that Ligne roset and Delighfull together could be nice.

  • I missed reading Swamplot for one day and this is what I miss! Today someone from Houston Ligne Roset sent me an e-mail link about the closing. I just did a posting with a telling photo which I took last year at the Austin Ligne Roset Boutique opening.

  • Hello design lovers!
    I recently visited London and I came across a beautiful furniture showroom called Chaplins, which had Ligne Roset, Gandia Blasco, B&B… amongst other lovely brands… I bought a lovely Terzani lamp. Check out their website it’s really nice!

  • Sigh. Don’t believe everything you hear. Also remember that there are two sides to every story. I have learned that Ligne Roset did NOT force two business men out of business. Their only mistake was giving too much leeway to a company who’s vision exceeded their finances. There were many mistakes made along the way but by no means did the majority of them originate in France! That said, I have found the Ligne Roset store in Dallas to be very accommodating. They have decades of experience, provide accurate delivery estimates and deliver to Houston/Austin twice a month. They seem to do good, fair business with a friendly vibe.