Linens-N-Things White Flag Sale

LINENS-N-THINGS WHITE FLAG SALE Yes, all 600 Linens-N-Things stores nationwide are shutting down — for good: “Employees were notified of this development by store management on Thursday, October 16th, after a last-ditch attempt to sell the company on the prior day failed and Linens-N-Things was forced to liquidate its remaining stores. The stores are expected to be completely gone by the end of the year. The ten stores left in the Houston area are currently holding liquidation sales, with items marked down 10% to 30% and the shelves are already becoming bare.” [Houstonist]

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  • “Linens-N-Things White Flag Sale” — LOL. Love it. :D

    I wish I was as adept at writing headlines/titles as you. It took me all morning to come up with the ultra-lame “Linens-N-Things No More.” Seriously. Ugh.

    But I also once got in big trouble in college for titling a paper “Greeks to the North of Me, Egyptians to the South, Here I Am Stuck in the Middle with Jews.” Hehe.

  • Whoever you got in trouble with that has no sense of humor.