Lining Up the Updates in a Briarcroft Buy-or-Lease

Since its beam-boosting renovation in 2009, a Briarcroft corner-lot property on an oxbow street off Chimney Rock has been listed a few times — and offered itself up as a rental property. A year-and-a-bit-long break from the market for the updated 1963 home ended earlier this month when the agent upped the asking price to $825,000 for its latest run. That’s just shy of $150K more than the previous 2 efforts, both of which gave $675,750 a shot back in 2011 and 2012. Back in 2009, though, the pre-reno property sold for $282,150. If you want to rent this home today, it’ll run you $5,850 a month.


Ceiling recesses in the opened-up living and dining areas gained exposed ribs during renovations.

A mini version of the beamage reappears in the master bedroom:

Several of the 3 and a half bathrooms, including the master bath pictured below, feature that diagonal tilework look, accented at eye level with a stripe of contrasting chocolate diamonds:

Instead of burnished ceiling timbers, this secondary bedroom gets dark blades whirring on the fan:

A pair of bedrooms appears to share this double-access bathroom:

The 2,441-sq.-ft. home’s former 2-car garage currently serves as an open-air pavilion (above). The back yard features a slate patio (below) and a fence.

The lot’s spot between Chimney Rock and Yorktown St. just north of  Westheimer isn’t so far from a few nearby highrise office buildings in the area.

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  • If I was the one forking over $70K a year in rent, I’m going to call the owner everytime a light burns out, A/C filter needs changing, or if I want the thermostat changed 2 degrees. At that price, I expect some quality customer service!

  • Like. Altho the conversion of the garage is weird. Also, why nothing fun/no pool/no landscaping in the backyard?

  • Exterior is kinda ugly I am not feeling that brick color. Way over priced by like $200k to $300k and the rent should be $3,000 to $3,500 a month. This will be hard to sell or rent at these prices even though the inside is really nice.

  • Will never sell at that price, it’s just laughable, you can get much nicer and new construction for that price. Might rent if some corporation is paying for someone’s room and board, otherwise, it’ll keep sitting.

  • NO POOL!?

  • I dislike garage conversions. Your cars get so dirty out in the elements. We keep both our cars in our garage, and my husband is happy that he has to wash them less than when lived in a condo with only a carport.

  • No pool because it’s a rental. That would be a total nightmare.

    Renovations can get quite high prices in certain neighborhoods, but I agree with commonsense; this one is overpriced.

    My nitpick is on the garage – it should feature the same slate floor that graces the back patio. Especially at that price.

  • What’s with all the diagonal tile? The kitchen floor is the worst.