Liquid Gold: Gravitas Shutdown Wasn’t Our Fault

Liquid Gold Hospitality Group partner Stephen Ross tells Swamplot he and his companies have no involvement in Gravitas Restaurant’s lease of the building at 807 Taft St. or with any of the recently closed restaurant’s financing arrangements. “Until recent comments, we were under the impression that we parted on good terms,” Ross says of his relationship with Gravitas owner Scott Tycer. After shutting down Gravitas this past Sunday, Tycer sent a notice to employees and a couple of online publications claiming that the closure had been “driven by the failure of Liquid Gold Hospitality, under the terms of our Operating Agreement with them, to maintain current payments on our bank note.”

Ross’s Coconut Grove was under a management contract with Gravitas that began in May, Ross responds — but the company’s involvement had ended by November: “Liquid Gold Hospitality Group was NEVER involved officially in any of this, however, some principals of Liquid Gold are affiliated with Coconut Grove,” Ross says. “Mr. Tycer has chosen to close the restaurant for his own reasons, none of which involve Coconut Grove, Ltd or Liquid Gold Hospitality Group, LLC.”

Photo: Eater Houston

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  • Of Course they had nothing to do with it. Tycer’s reputation speaks for itself. Everywhere he goes ends in disaster. I hear Liquid Gold has big plans for the future. Good Luck.

  • A Scott Tycer/Bruce Molzan partnership would be awesome.