Liquoring Up a Squeezed Shady Acres Lot

It seems that the townhouses overlooking this lot at 1016 W. 22nd St. might soon be seeing something more than a pair of apparently shy pick-ups: That TABC sign, dated June 12, indicates that The Orange Grove wants to sell booze at this spot to the people of Shady Acres. (The fairly dilapidated single-family house that used to stand here showed up in a September Daily Demolition Report.) This is one of several developments coming to the area: The restaurants Hughie’s and Spaghetti Western are renovating old joints west of T.C. Jester Blvd. and TikTok, a bar and concert venue, is planned just southwest of here on W. 20th St.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • This is a small lot- It is completely surrounded by residential. Parking on that street is already difficult, and the street is very narrow. Adding something commercial right here would be a bit of a mess!

  • The townhome developments crowding Shady Acres already create a mess for its narrow streets. Parking on streets wouldn’t be an issue if there was enough parking for these developmehts and/or owners used their garages as, well, places to park their cars.

    If someone doesn’t want parking in front of their home or townhome complex, I guess they can install large rocks or other hazards to parked cars on the grassy shoulder. Plenty of places in the Heights and Garden Oaks where that is done and seemingly legal.

  • Well then if the residential neighbors don’t want it, time to start fighting it now.

  • I really don’t get this. I walked by this place yesterday and it looks even narrower than what the photo shows. I think parking will be a big issue. I’ll reserve judgement until I see what their plans are but I don’t see how being tucked away on a primarily residential street all the while aggravating nearby residents is a good start for starting a neighborhood bar/restaurant.

  • TABC provides a means to protest a liquor permit if the street creates a hazard. In this case, a neighbor could protest, and claim the 18′ wide street could constitute a hazard, as well as parking issues.

  • Don’t forget to mention that it will be impossible for emergency vehicles to access that area with all the additional parking from the bar.