Little House of Coffee and Drinks Opens Behind Uchi

LITTLE HOUSE OF COFFEE AND DRINKS OPENS BEHIND UCHI Friday was a grand grand opening day in the Inner Loop. The big bear-hug welcomes may have been for the long-awaited Washington Heights Walmart and the Studemont Kroger — but also making its debut on that day was tiny Southside Espresso, the little up-Grant-St.-behind-Uchi coffee place Fusion Beans proprietor Sean Marshall has been working on since signing a lease for the 714-sq.-ft. space labeled 904-C Westheimer 15 months ago. The tiny coffee house will be open until midnight every night — in part to flex its newly acquired beer-and-wine license. [Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: David Buehrer

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  • I stopped in both Saturday and Sunday. Sean’s products are excellent. And kudos to him for keeping the painted motifs on the interior beams from this space’s era as part of Felix.

  • Such great news since the Starbuck on Hawthorne has gone to crap in the recent months. I am so glad to have new place to get my morning coffee fix, congrat!

  • Stopped off Saturday and the coffee was fantastic, great little spot that’s well worth checking out.

  • Oh yeah !!!! More caffeine pushers in the Trose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rgr: I live close to that Starbucks. While I prefer to brew at home or go to a smaller place, I do end up at that Starbucks maybe once a week.
    I’m curious what you found to be going down hill about it?