Living the High Life at Live Oak Lofts

Live Oak Lofts, Houston

Residents of the Live Oak Lofts, you have been warned! Whoever among you has been smoking weed and stinking up the whole joint, you must cease immediately — the Live Oak Lofts Homeowners Association is on the case!

Don’t want to get all up in your business and all, but now that this has happened, the Association will not fail to contact the proper authorities if anything incriminating is further sniffed — or if you are caught doing anything illegal whatsoever!

After the jump, the scathing marijuana memo distributed to all residents of the Live Oak Lofts!


The memo, quoted in full (emphasis in the original):

Dear Residents,

Recently, there have been several reports of the strong smell of marijuana inside our building. By this notice, the Homeowners Association wishes to make clear to all residents that this activity is absolutely unacceptable in Live Oak Lofts.

The Association is posting this notice on each unit of the Lofts as a general notice to all residents. It is not the desire of the Association to intrude on the personal lives of our building’s residents. However, if there are further reports of this type of illegal activity, or of illegal activities of any kind, the Association will have no choice but to contact the appropriate authorities.


The Live Oak Lofts Homeowners Association

Photo of 1312 Live Oak St.: HAR