Local Website Makes Book

LOCAL WEBSITE MAKES BOOK Does li’l ol’ Buffalo Bayou qualify for a river guide? It does now. Longtime bayou history boat tour guide Louis Aulbach — author of 5 river guides chronicling the courses and histories of a few West Texas waterways — has just published Buffalo Bayou: An Echo of Houston’s Wilderness Beginnings as a book. If you’re a bayou or local history buff and that title sounds familiar, it should: Aulbach has been posting extended excerpts from the project on his old-school HAL-PC website for years. [Memorial Examiner; Amazon link]

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  • I read the material on his website several months back. It’s some interesting stuff.

  • Sounds good; I look forward to checking out the book.
    I enjoy paddling Buffalo Bayou and feel it’s an asset to the city. Los Angelenos wish they still had a river!

  • Thanks for noting this historical effort. Just requested a copy of the book from my local indie bookstore (yes they still exist in Houston).