Local Window Manufacturing Operation Goes Out the Window

Just 6 months after a companywide audit of worker IDs resulted in the loss of 269 of its 489 employees, Champion Window has decided to shut down its entire manufacturing division — axing an additional 135 workers. The largest manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum windows in the South Central U.S. was served with a grand jury subpoena last November over its hiring practices; a subsequent investigation by federal agents revealed that a large number of the company’s employees had no legal authorization to work in the U.S. Champion will shift its manufacturing operation from its Houston plant at 12427 Duncan Rd. near the Willowbrook Mall to its parent company, Dallas-based Atrium Windows and Doors, in December. Recently, Champion filed suit against 2 former top executives, alleging their “negligent disregard” for whether job applicants had authorization to work in the country “nearly crippled” the company’s operations.

Photo: Champion Window

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  • I don’t get the picture…..with a nice sized table beside the chair, the tray and teapot sit on the floor.

  • Our company used to buy windows from them when sometimes we needed the cheapest option, and they were in fact at least 30% cheaper than any competitor, now we know why… and its not a bad thing!

  • Aw, man! It’s the Houston Way to hire job applicants without authorization to work in THIS country… just look around – your yard guys, your nannies, your housekeepers, your fast food employees, they’re everywhere…

  • 489 more people NOT spending money in town. Brilliant.

  • You want immigration reform? Here you go!

  • Protecting American jobs for Americans…wait…

  • Why did this “cripple” them? They couldn’t find legal workers to replace them? I thought everyone was looking for jobs?

  • I’ve been to their facility, it’s hot, humid, dangerous machinery … It’s much easier to go sit in a park “occupying wallstreet” then to take those jobs.

  • Cody, the actions of the former managers crippled the company. The failure to ensure that the workers were legal resulted in a sudden loss of employees when the INS came calling, shutting down the factory. You can’t hire a couple of hundred workers and make them productive overnight.

  • No wonder they were so cheap. It’s amazing how cheap you can sell products when you don’t pay ANY benefits and hire illegals.

    I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  • Problem here is that Atrium did know what they were buying, including the staff. Anyone could have walked that compound and seen the obvious. This practice has been going on for a really long time. Sad that it came to this, but Atrium is not a victim by all means. Say what you’ve gotta say, but they knew what they were getting into. Now they got hit and want to blame others. Come on. Illegal is illegal, where is the person hiring these illegals? Is that person being persecuted? I am thinking that person passed the buck off on the CFO. Nice, keep your own ass out of hot water and push it off on others. They are all equally guilty. Bon Jovi anyone? Hope that friendship was worth it you sell out! You know who you are. You sold your soul to the devil. Get a hair cut please!